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Basic Life Support

Please speak to your Nurse Team Leader regarding this training.

District Charge Nurse – Day 2 Introduction to MicroStrategy

Day 2 – Will look at Microstrategy Clinical Quality Indicators – SSKINS, MUST & Cauti

All sessions will start 1:00pm prompt 

All sessions will now be delivered via MSTeams, Please access link below to attend. No need to book a place.

Leg Ulcer Management

Repeat Sessions via Microsoft Teams

  • 02/06/2022 (2.00pm – 4.00pm)
  • 07/06/2022 (2.00pm – 4.00pm)
  • 09/06/2022 (2.00pm – 4.00pm)

Aimed at new staff or staff requiring an update.

To get the link sent please email:

Record Keeping

Record Keeping Sessions

Currently, sessions are On – Demand, which means you can access the training online at anytime.

Record Keeping for District Nursing

All Staff within District Nursing (bands 3 – 7) are expected to undertake this training annually and ensure their competence within record keeping.  Any additional record keeping support can be accessed by emailing

There are 3 steps to completing this training.

1) Watch the on-demand video

2) Read and understand the ‘Standards for Professional Record Keeping’ policy

3) Sign the declaration that you have completed both of the above.

If you have not completed all 3 steps, this may flag your name to indicate training incomplete.

Record Keeping

Step 1

You should now access the on-demand Record Keeping training video here.

Topics covered include : 

  • Principles of good Record Keeping
  • Excellence in Care
  • Expectations from DN staff
  • Nursing Assessments 
  • Risk Assessing
  • Care Planning
  • Specialist Forms (wound charts, leg ulcer pathways, waterlows etc)
  • Recording visits
  • White Cards
  • Agile Working

Step 2

Staff should familiarise themselves with this policy and understand what is expected of them in relation to Record Keeping within the organisation.

Step 3

This will be shared with your Nurse Team Leader and can be used for Revalidation and CPD purposes.

Safer Sharps

Welcome to the Safe Use of Clinical Sharps training page.

There are 5 key components to this training that must be completed prior to using any sharps devices within the clinical environment.

  1. All community nursing staff should first access and complete the below Learnpro modules
  • GGC: Managing Skin Care for Responsible Persons
  • Management of Needlestick & Similar Injuries
  • Prevention & Management of Occupational Exposure

2. You must read the Safer Sharps Policy and sign to confirm you understand your roles and responsibilities with your Nurse Team Leader.

3. You must access the Safe Use of Clinical Sharps theory video

(This can only be accessed via an NHS device).

4. You must complete the practical demonstration with your line manager (Nurse Team Leader, District Charge Nurse, Treatment Room Coordinator).

5. Once you have completed Steps 1-4, you must now fill out this online form to evidence your training.  


Venepuncture training is offered from Acute, therefore practical session is given within the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow.

Prior to booking onto the training, please read the information provided below:

LearnPro (mandatory prior to training)

Practitioners must complete the NHSGGC 157: Venepuncture and Cannulation e-learning module on NHS LearnPro.

Failure to complete this before attending training will result in practitioner being refused entry and asked to book once this has been completed.

Practical Training

  • Practitioners attend a 2 hour practical workshop (this is not a drop-in session). Sessions available are:
  • Venepuncture only
  • Cannulation only
  • Venepuncture and cannulation

All staff wishing to attend this training must have approval from their Line Manager as the Nominator.

Places for these workshops are booked by completing the Nomination form and emailing to

Click Here to access the form.

Practitioners must work in an area where there is a clinical need for the skill.

Competency Assessment

A 2 month period of supervised practice and competency assessment follows attendance at the practical session.

Individuals are not deemed competent until they have received their completion certificate from Practice Development.

It is the responsibility of the individual to review and maintain their competence thereafter.

Competency booklets will be supplied during the training session.

Completed competency booklets should be emailed to


If practitioners have already completed venepuncture training and achieved competence in another health board, and are able to provide documentary evidence of this, they should contact Practice Development to confirm this training and competence is transferrable to NHSGGC.

These practitioners should still complete supervised practice using the NHSGGC venepuncture competency book.

A copy of this completed booklet, signed off by your line manager, should be kept in appropriate training files at local level as evidence.

They should also access and complete the NHSGGC 157 venepuncture and cannulation module on NHS LearnPro.

LearnPro – MUST

This training is for Glasgow City HSCP for ALL Community Nursing Staff

New to LearnPro is the following modules.

These modules are for all community staff, it is expected that these modules are completed in full by 31st May.

See below for the New Modules available:

  • GGC:270 An Overview of Malnutrition.
  • GGC:271 Assessing Risk of Malnutrition
  • GGC:273 Food First Strategies – Community.

To access these, please log in to your LearnPro account below. 

Mandatory Training Requirements for all Community Staff Members

As part of your role, you are required to complete all relevant statutory and mandatory training via Learnpro. 

Below is a full list of all statutory & mandatory LearnPro modules you must complete.  Theses should be prioritised and must be completed within the first 12 weeks of your employment.