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Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Welcome to the Pressure Ulcer prevention resource site. This site is under construction so please keep checking back for more resources. You will find referral routes, Policy and guidelines to support your practice for Community Pressure Ulcer Prevention


Preventing and Managing Skin Damage Cause by Pressure and Moisture

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At first you must do the following:

  • SKIN CHECK – At first visit patients skin must be observed and assessment documented in notes.
  • Assessment – Nursing assessment to be completed including condition of skin and level of risk and Pain.
  • Waterlow – Must be completed on first visit and again as patient condition changes
  • SSKINS – To be commenced if Waterlow is 10 or above (Good Practice can be to do SSKINS for all patients with exception on once only visits.)You will need to be explicit in your skin checking instructions i.e. document who will be observing the skin and how often. Examples – the nurse will check at each visit, or weekly, or carers will check daily and report to DN.
  • Skin Care plan – commenced if nursing need identified. Clearly document planned wound care including frequency of planned visits. Patient Pressure Ulcer prevention leaflet –Verbal instructions as well as written instructions to be provided to patients at risk. This must be documented on the SSKINS (Good prevention to provide all patients with leaflet.)

Further Information

New Red Day Review Tool

We are currently doing a trial of a new Red Day Review Tool (RDRT). Please see link below to access draft version. Trial period begins Monday 9th May and will run to end of June.

Annual Competency

Please access the Annual competency tool here. This tool must be completed with support form your line manager. Once completed supplied copy to your Nurse Team Leader as this must be retained. This should be completed every year to maintain your competency in Pressure ulcer Prevention

To support your learning please use the TVN link below for their voiced over presentation.

LearnPro Module – Pressure Ulcer Prevention

GGC:080 Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

2 modules

  • Understanding Pressure Ulcer
  • Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcer
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