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Hot Topic – Unplanned Catheter Changes

Have you recently read the ‘Urinary Catheterisation for Adults Clinical Guideline’?

This includes some handy troubleshooting guides for UTI’s, Expelled, Blocked and Bypassing catheters. 

Best practice states that all patients with an indwelling urinary catheter should carry a Catheter Passport.  This is a national document which is a great tool for patients, carers, families and nurses to utilise.

Did you know… If one of your patient’s is seen by OOH’s DN’s for catheter assessment, they will schedule a MIDDAY appointment to the caseload holder in the following days? This MIDDAY appointment should be used to reassess that patients needs.

Formulary – Currently, UnoMedical catheters are the catheter of choice on formulary. Please familiarise yourself with this formulary and aim for 100% concordance. See below for the latest urology formulary.

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Urinary Catheterisation for Adults Clinical Guidelines

This is the clinical guideline for Catheter Care for GGC.

NHS Greater Glasgow Urology Formulary

Please use the Urology Formulary to support prescribing for Catheter Care.

NHS Greater Glasgow Urology Formulary

Troubleshooting Support Documents

The documents in this section are to support you when you are troubleshooting patients with Catheters problems. They should be used to support your decision making skills when communicating with patients and their carers via SPOA.

Patient Resources for Catheter Care

The section has resources that you can print and provide to community patients. All patients on District Nursing Caseload should have been supplied with a leaflet as well as verbal instructions and support given.


Resources to support patient care with suspected or confirm catheter associated urinary tract infection.

Additional Catheter Care Resources

This section has additional resources to support Catheter Care in Community care.

For guidance for caring for a patient who may experience Autonomic Dysreflexia guidance can be found in the GG&C Urinary Catheterisation for Adults Clinical Guidelines and in appendix 6 from NHS QIS – urinary Catheterisation and Catheter Care.