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FY2 and above Doctor induction 2022

Hospital/Departmental Induction

NHSGGC Online Organisational/Corporate Induction

The 2022 NHSGGC Online Organisational Induction will go live on the 3rd August 2022 at 8am. This organisational induction outlines key messages, cultures and ethos; and will highlight where our current risks are and how you avoid them. The NHSGGC Online Organisational Induction is a repository of information and highlights key documents and guidelines to help you work safely within our Health Board.  This online induction is mandatory.

Please submit your certificate of completion for your NHSGGC Online Organisational Induction to the Medical Education Team no later than 2nd of September 2022. Details on how to do this are below

  • Your unique login is: Your GMC Number
  • Your password is: Your GMC Number (you will immediately be prompted to reset your password)

If you have any issues, please contact your the medical education team on:

How to upload your certificate

  1. Click on your ‘Courses’ option, as shown on the left of the below screen shot
  2. Select ‘NHSGGC Organisational Induction’. Your screen may look different to the example shown below
  3. Select the correct Organisational Induction relevant to your grade. Your screen may look different to the example shown below
  4. Complete all the modules within your Organisational Induction
  5. There may be Optional Modules at the end of the Mandatory Modules within your Organisational Induction. We would recommend for you to complete these as well
  6. When you have completed your last module and exited, there will be a link change at the bottom of this last module to now show ‘Evaluation’ and ‘Grade Certificate’. Please make sure to complete the Evaluation first
  7. Once you have completed the ‘Evaluation’ and exit, you can then click on the ‘Certificate’ link
  8. Click on the ‘Get your Certificate’ button. Right click on your Certificate and choose ‘Save’. Save it to a safe place, making sure to edit in your name, .i.e. NHSGGC Organisational Induction Certificate – Grade your name here.


As part of your terms and conditions of employment with NHSGGC, you are required to undertake a series of statutory /mandatory, and role specific training modules appropriate to your role.

The modules you are required to undertake are set out in the attached document, and you will find these modules on LearnPro.

You must complete all modules and submit you certificate of completion to the Medical Education Team no later than 2nd September 2022.

Further Information

If you feel we should include anything please let us know: