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SENSE: Support for Evidence and Searching

The Support for Evidence and Searching (SENSE) service can be accessed by all staff via eHelp. The progress of requests can be tracked via this website. 

The service aims to support NHSGGC staff in all aspects of patient care, service development, professional decision making and with their research and CPD.

Search services include: 

Literature Search Service 

This is our standard service; you place a request and a professional searcher will search the evidence base and send you back a list with links to full text articles if available.

Project Support

An individually tailored service to support evidence-based projects such as the development or renewal of clinical guidelines or systematic reviews.

Evidence Summary

An enhanced search and synthesis service to support service improvement, clinical guidelines, patient care and research. It is usually a short and focused piece of work, organising and summarising a list of search results into a single framework or summary. The content of the searches, format of the final results, and timescales are all agreed with the user and tailored where possible to suit the needs of individual projects.

Tools and Measures Enquiry Service

A specialist enquiry service which investigates copyright permissions for diagnostic tools and outcome measures. Where possible, the Library Network will seek to obtain permissions for tools to allow NHSGGC staff to use them. The Library Network does not arrange the purchasing of tools or licences. The search for the copyright holder can take up to 10 working days; timescales for any permissions check can vary.

Literature Analysis

A systematic search of the literature, followed by a breakdown and summary of the topics and themes of each reference. This service is available only for large-scale projects to support service development, guidelines and other Board projects.