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Healthcare Science Careers

Healthcare scientists are difficult to describe in one sentence. Many  are laboratory based and investigate disease, genetic make up and new scientific treatments. Others involve direct work with patients, for example, measuring the function of a particular organ. Then there are the scientists whose focus is more about engineering, ensuring that medical equipment is working safely or researching new medical technology.

If you’ve ever been given a new treatment, had a biopsy, a scan or a blood, sight or hearing test, it’s more than likely that a member of the healthcare science team was involved. It’s even possible that the person you thought was a doctor was actually a healthcare scientist. The healthcare science team are involved in over 70% of all clinical decisions in the NHS and you’ll find their fingerprints on many of the latest technological advancements in preventing, diagnosing and treating a wide range of medical conditions (Extract from an article in The Guardian 17/03/13).

For more information on Healthcare Science careers visit the websites listed on this page.

NHSGGC offers a wide range of careers in Healthcare science for more information about working for NHSGGC please go to the Recruitment Services page of the NHSGGC website.

Current Healthcare Science vacancies in NHSGGC are displayed on the NHS Scotland Jobs Website please follow the link to discover the current available jobs. 

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