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Staff Engagement

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment employees have to the organisation and the organisation’s goals. Engaged employees genuinely care about their work, the products and service they offer, as well as the organisation they represent. When employees are truly engaged, they strive for excellence and often go above and beyond expectations to support the delivery of goals. 

Engaged employees results in enhanced service, quality and productivity which in turn leads the delivery of organisational objectives, and within NHSGGC, relates specifically to effective delivery of our Corporate Objectives: 

  • Better Health  
  • Better Care 
  • Better Value 
  • Better Workplace.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and the Armed Forces

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has reaffirmed its ongoing commitment to those individuals who currently serve, our Reservists and those veterans who are key members of our society by signing the Armed Forces Covenant.

The strong relationship between NHSGGC and the UK Armed Forces is greatly valued, with the Health Board already working to support employees who also are Reservists.

The Board also welcomed assistance from the Armed Forces during the pandemic, particularly logistical support and advice to set up testing and vaccination programmes in the fight against COVID-19.

By signing the Covenant, NHSGGC pledged its commitment to supporting armed forces veterans, recognising the value they contribute and acknowledging that serving personnel and military families should be treated with fairness and respect.

Our Covenant pledges can be found here.