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Nursing and Midwifery Staff Bank

Our Service

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Nursing & Midwifery Staff Bank are here to help when there are planned, or unplanned, shortfalls in the levels of nursing and midwifery staff.

We provide registered and non-registered nursing and midwifery staff to our hospital wards, outpatient clinics, health centres and community settings. The Nurse Bank has approximately 15,000 temporary staff providing shift cover 24/7 365 days a year.

Bank workers are registered with NHSGGC Nursing & Midwifery Staff Bank and are available to fill short-term shortfalls in manpower resource. The service helps to provide safe, effective, person-centred care for patients across Glasgow and Clyde.

What we do

The Nursing & Midwifery Staff Bank service provides a central booking, recruitment and management service for NHSGGC. The Staff Bank Service provides a critical link between NHSGGC bank workers and frontline health care professionals commissioning staffing requests for their services.

How to contact NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Staff Bank


NHSGGC Staffbank
Dalnair Street
West Glasgow ACH
Yorkhill Glasgow
G3 8SJ

Nursing & Midwifery, Recruitment and Pay Enquires

Telephone: 0141 278 2555


Opening Hours

Staff Bank

Monday to Sunday – 8.00am to 8:30pm
Closed Christmas Day & New Year Day

Recruitment and Pay Enquires

Monday to Friday – 9.00am – 5.00pm
Closed all public holidays

Telephone Options

Our contact number for all enquires is 0141 278 2555.

Staff Bank Contact Numbers

Contact Centre

Telephone: 0141 278 2555

Contact Centre Team Lead

Kelly Smith
Telephone: 0141 278 2640

Contact Centre Team Lead

Andrew Stewart
Telephone: 0141 278 2595

Contact Centre Supervisor

Laura Traquair
Telephone: 0141 278 2677

Contact Centre Supervisor

David Dougan
Telephone: 0141 278 2566

Contact Centre Manager

Neil McGhie
Telephone: 0141 278 2656

Professional Nurse Lead

Julie Tomlinson
Telephone: 0141 278 2659

Nurse Manager

Karen McCoubrey

Nurse Manager

Carol Allison

Nurse ‘Manager

Julia O’Neill
Email: Julia.O’

Pay Enquiries

Payroll Cut Off Deadline

The BankStaff system for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Staff Banks was introduced in 1st July 2017 .

Bank workers timesheets are required to be completed  electronically, and authorisers are required to confirm the shift has been worked and then finalise the timesheet on the system, to allow the shift to be released for payment.

The payroll cut off for electronic time sheets authorisation is now 12.00pm on Friday.

All shifts which start before midnight on the Thursday must be signed off for payment before 12 noon on a Friday to ensure the bank workers  receive payment the following Friday.

Thursday night shifts can now be paid the following Friday i.e:

Shift: Thursday Night shift 7.30pm to 7.30am

If signed-off by Friday midday will be paid the following Friday.

News & Events

NHSGGC Nursing and Midwifery Staff Bank

This newsletter contains important information regarding changes to the payroll cut off dates for the signing off of shifts on the Bank Staff system over the Easter period.

 Please note there will be early cut offs and Early pay dates.

Changes to Bank Shifts Pay Arrangements (Date of Shifts Worked)

  • 1st April to 6th April, timesheets must be completely signed off by 12.00pm on Thursday 7th April 2022, Date Paid 14th April 2022
  • 7th April to 12th April, time sheets must be completely signed off by 12.00pm on Wednesday 13th April 2022, Date paid Friday 22nd April 2022
  • 13th April to 21st April, time sheets must be completely signed off by 12.00pm on Friday 22nd April 2022, Date paid Friday 29th April 2022

Staff Bank News Letter November 2021

Dear colleague,

 Firstly can I pass on my thanks and appreciation  for your hard work and contribution to our services over the past 18 months. I appreciate that many of you have substantive roles as well as providing us with additionality. The ability for us to call on you and keep our service flexible is  a great strength of our bank in supporting our services across Acute, Mental Health and Community Services. We have been increasing our bank cohort to help us continue to support Covid-19 activity and plan for our winter capacity.

We continue to see demands on our services and we want to ensure our services run with minimum disruption whilst COP26 is in our city. A significant number of you have already taken shifts for the next couple of weeks and this is welcomed for our planning purposes. We know that transportation might be more challenging and we will be working with all our services to ensure everyone can get to work using all our Board policies to support you and your colleagues. Where possible we are asking you to consider your availability and support the take up of shifts, mainly across our emergency departments and support teams. We anticipate increased demand as a result of COP26, with a particular emphasis on 1 and 2nd November, and 5 and 6th November when the Leaders Summit and protest marches take place.

If you are able to provide some additional availability during this period this would be welcomed.

You can book available shifts directly, 24 hrs a day, using the Employee On Line system via the following link – You can also call us on 0141 278 2555 to advise if your availability and we can arrange to amend shifts start or end times to allow full flexibility for you. The contact centre lines are open 7 days a week from 8am to 8.30pm.

Thank you again for your consideration as well as your ongoing support and commitment. We value the input of each and every one of our Bank staff and all of your hard work through these challenging times.

Anne MacPherson

Director of Human Resources

*Important update for Registered Nurses*

Successful HEPMA pilot paves the way for GGC-wide rollout

Hepma Request Form  can be downloaded from HERE

Hepma Newsletter April 2021

HEPMA is a new digital system that will replace the paper drug chart (kardex) for inpatient areas across NHSGGC. Doctors and other prescribers will use HEPMA to prescribe medicines for inpatients and nurses will use HEPMA to carry out drug rounds and record the administration of medicines to patients.

Clinical staff will be required to complete a concise eLearning package on LearnPro in order to be given access to the HEPMA system. The HEPMA Facilitator Team will provide support and supplemental training to staff “on the floor” in clinical areas as the rollout progresses. It is important to complete the HEPMA Learnpro module as soon as possible. You cannot get access to HEPMA without completing the appropriate module. See attached for quick reference guide and most recent newsletter.

If you do not currently have an NHSGGC Network account please get in touch with the Staff Bank for assistance at

Frequently Asked Questions
Conditions of Nursing & Midwifery Registration

Question: I am looking to travel abroad for six months of the year, can I stay on the Nurse Bank?
Answer: No, if you are not going to be available to undertake shifts you must advise the Staff Bank

Question: Can I refuse to move wards/site from the ward/site I was originally booked for?
Answer: No, once a Bank worker has accepted and agreed to undertake a shift there is an obligation to work with the local management team in delivering patient care. This may involve being redeployed to other areas.

Question: I have just found out that I am pregnant, is there anything I need to do?
Answer: Yes, For Bank only workers, you must contact a Nurse Manager to arrange a meeting
For substantive post holders, you must advise the Staff Bank the dates when your maternity leave starts and ends.

Question: What happens when I am off sick?
Answer: Inform Staff Bank at the earliest opportunity. If your sickness will last longer than 3 days and up to 7 days you should submit a Self Certificate Form (SC2). If your sickness will last for 7 days+ then you should submit a Fit note to the Staff Bank.

Question: Will I get paid when I am off sick?
Answer: In certain circumstances, a Bank worker may be eligible for statutory sick pay

Question: Will I be paid when I am on jury duty?
Answer: The nature of bank work is such that no payment would be made by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (the Board) to any bank worker when on jury duty.

Question: How do I claim my Annual Leave?
Answer: Telephone the Staff Bank Contact Centre

Question: How long does an internal application take to process?
Answer: Normally 10 to14 days providing your paperwork is accurately and timeously completed.

Question: How often do you recruit?
Answer: NHSGGC Staff Bank is regularly recruiting, please check for current campaigns.

Information for Service Users

Question: What is the deadline for signing off bank staff shifts that have been worked in my ward?
Answer: All worked shifts must be signed off on Bank Staff before the 12.00pm deadline on a Friday to ensure payment for the following Friday.

Question: How do I request a booking for my Ward?
Answer: All bookings should be requested via the Bank Staff booking system.

Question: How much notice should I give when requesting a shift?.
Answer: Providing the contact centre with as much notice as possible increases opportunity to successfully fill the shift.

Question: How do I cancel a booking request that is no longer needed at ward level?.
Answer: Contact the Staff Bank Contact Centre on 0141 278 2555 and inform them of the Cancellation. When cancelling a filled request you must give 4 hours notice before start of shift.

Information for Bank Staff

Question: How do I book my bank shifts?
Answer: Refer to Employee Online or Contact the Staffbank Contact Centre on 0141 278 2555 and give them your availability dates for work. The Call handler will check to see what shifts are available on these dates and offer them to you. The more flexible you are the more work we will be able to offer you.

Question: How do I request Annual Leave?
Answer: Annual leave can be requested by email. Please see Important Information link for details on how to request annual leave. for More Info please click here

Question: Can I work a bank shift if I am on annual leave from my substantive post?
Answer: Yes.

N.B Bank workers who have a substantive post must take annual leave from both substantive and bank post at the same time for 5.6 weeks/210 hours of the Annual Leave year.

Question: Can I change a booked shift for another shift elsewhere?.
Answer: No, once you have committed to a shift the Staffbanks expectation is that you complete the booked shift. If the move is because of a specific skill then it is considered and discussed with the nurse in charge locally.

Question: Can I refuse to move wards/site from the ward/site I was originally booked for?.
Answer: No, once a bank worker has accepted and agreed to undertake a shift there is an obligation to work with the local management team in delivering patient care. This may involve being redeployed to other areas.

Question: What happens if I need to cancel my shift?
Answer: The Bank worker must inform the Staff bank Contact Centre with a minimum of 12 hours notice of cancellation of a shift. If a shift is cancelled within 12 hours notice then this is recorded under our attendance management policy.

Professional Nursing & Governance

For Information on Professional Nursing & Governance please click Here

For Information on NHSGGC Nursing & Midwifery Bank Operational Protocol Click Here

For Bank Incident form  please click Here

Staff Bank Recruitment

Come and Join the Staff Bank Service

We are welcoming internal applications for both nursing and non-nursing role’s with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Nursing and Midwifery Bank. With a wide variety of flexible shifts across both acute and community services we would be delighted to hear from you. More information and our online application is available through the links below.

For internal nursing staff (Band 2) who wish to join the bank 

For internal nursing staff (Band 5) who wish to join the bank

For internal staff who are currently in non-nursing roles who wish to join to the bank as a Band 2 HCSW

Joining NHSGGC Staff Bank

The process for recruiting both registered and non-registered nurses and midwives to NHS GGC Nursing and Midwifery Staff Bank follows the same robust recruitment and selection processes as required for substantive posts.

To register with the Staff Bank there is both an internal and external process.

Internal Applications

Nursing and Midwifery staff that hold a permanent post within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are permitted to join the Staff Bank through the internal application process, by virtue of existing employment, in a nursing role, with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.  This is on the basis that as bank workers they are fully supported by their substantive line manager in delivering high standards of care to patients within their bank role. Before completing and signing the reference managers acting as the individuals sponsor should consider the suitability of the individual to undertake bank work i.e. relevant mandatory training and competency.  

Bank workers planning to leave substantive employment within the organisation e.g. retirement and wish to continue to undertake bank shifts will no longer have sponsorship from their line manager and therefore no means for the bank nurse’s competence to be assessed within the responsibilities of the role and job description. 

Bank workers wishing to continue to undertake shifts when no longer substantively employed by NHS GGC will undergo a reassessment process to transfer managerial responsibility to Staff Bank Nurse Management. It is important that the bank worker and their line manager inform the Staff Bank service of their intention to leave their substantive post at the earliest opportunity to allow the reassessment process which entails Occupational Health check, PVG assessment, mandatory training update and a satisfactory reference. NHSGGC Staff Bank advise they are notified a minimum of 3 months in advance of leaving.

External Applications

External applicants to the Nursing and Midwifery Staff Bank will be subject to NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde recruitment and selection process, which adheres to NHS Scotland PIN Guidelines.

  • Application short listed in line with Pin guidelines
  • Short listed applicants interviewed
  • Successful interviewees are progressed subject to the following checking standards: Occupational Health Clearance, Criminal record checks and membership of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme, Employment history and 2 satisfactory reference checks, Verification of identity checks and right to work in UK checks.

All external recruitment is advertised on NHS Show Website.

Learning, Education & Training

In order to maintain registration with NHSGGC Staff Bank you are required to ensure that you complete all statutory and mandatory training.  

COVID-19 Information

Annual Leave

Due to current circumstances it has been agreed that the normal maximum 37.5 hour carry over rule for annual leave will be waived and any untaken leave will be carried over to the next financial year. (Therefore if you still had 50 hours on the 31st March 2022, all of this has been carried over on the 1st April 2022)

Additionally, if you have booked annual leave, and wish to also take a bank shift,  then you will be able to do this with immediate effect. We will monitor usage of these to ensure that bank workers are taking regular breaks, as whilst we value your contribution, we also need to make sure you get rest.

Many thanks

The bank office team

COVID-19 Updated Briefing

Please click on the link below for the previous and current updated briefings

Bank workers communication 25th March 2020