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Interpreting Services

In This Section

General Information

Our Service

NHSGGC Admin & Clerical Bank are here to help when there are planned, or unplanned, shortfalls in the levels of administration or clerical staff.

We currently provide band 2, band 3 and band 4 admin staff throughout GGC, to provide a short term temporary solutions to gaps in administration staff.

Bank workers are registered with NHSGGC Admin & Clerical Bank and are available to fill short-term shortfalls in manpower resource for up to 3 months. 

(Roles expected to last longer than 3 months should be referred to the budget holder of the service, as an considered solution may be a fixed term contract)

What we do

The Admin & Clerical Bank service provides a central booking, recruitment and management service for NHSGGC. The service provides a crucial link for unforeseen or unplanned gaps in administration services.

How to contact us

Phone: 0141 278 2555


For out of hours requirements, please call the contact centre on 0141 278 2555, where you will be provided options for your interpreting requirements and your call will be re-directed.

Interpreting Services

Contact Us


NHSGGC Staffbank
Dalnair Street
West Glasgow ACH
Yorkhill Glasgow
G3 8SJ

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday – 8.00am to 6.00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday – 8.00am to 4.00pm
  • Closed Christmas Day & New Year Day

Interpreting Services Contact Numbers

Contact Centre

Telephone: 0141 278 2555

Contact Centre Team Lead

Andrew Stewart
Telephone: 0141 278 2679

Contact Centre Supervisor

Laura Traquair
Telephone: 0141 278 2677

Equality & Human Rights Manager

Jac Ross
Telephone: 0141 201 4825

Telephone Interpreting

Capita – Telephone Interpreting

Please note that telephone interpreting should now be used for all appointments under 46 minutes. This applies to all short appointments unless the patient has additional vulnerabilities, such as a cognitive impairment or hearing loss,  or is a child over 2 years old.

Capita is our provider for telephone interpreting and can be accessed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. They have 2 options, which are telephone interpreting and interpreting via an app, they are both known as LiveLINK.  When you experience a language barrier, call Capita Translation and interpreting (Capita TI) and you will be connected to an interpreter within seconds.

Telephone interpreting is now available via a mobile app as well as by telephone. There is no operator to go through, making it quicker and easier to use the service.

You will need your 6-digit department code for telephone interpreting and a password for the mobile app. If you do not yet know your code and password –

Acute sites – click here

All other sites – call: 0141 278 2555


Call: 0800 496 1508

Enter your 6-digit department code

Enter the 3-digit language code – click here to view list

You will be connected to an interpreter in as little as 15 seconds

Tell the interpreter if your patient is with you or if you need them to contact the patient on another number.

Use your speaker phone to give the inter­preter your first question/statement

Let the patient and interpreter know when you are finished the conversation 

Mobile App

Download the Capita LiveLINK Client App free from your app store

Log in using email address – which is your – and your password

You will only need to log in once – not every time you need an interpreter.

Click ‘Get Service’

Select the language you require.

You will then be connected to an interpreter.

Use the speaker on your mobile to start the session.

You can use this service to phone your patient by clicking on ‘Add Call’ and entering their number. 

Click ‘merge’.

Written Translations

If you require a translation of patient information into another language –

Acute – please contact Jac Ross, Equality & Human Rights Team.

Primary Care – contact your Clear to All lead

Please indicate if the translation is urgent.  We also need to know if the information is clinical or not. 

Most translations take approximately 4 days.  Please send the document exactly as you want it to appear in the other language.   

If the information you require to be translated is a simple appointment letter with no patient instruction, please considers using telephone interpreting instead.

You can also contact Deaf patients by phone through contactScotland

Quick User Guide

It is the responsibility of NHSGGC staff to provide interpreting support for patients using any of our healthcare services

From 1st April 2019 the way we access some of our interpreting service is changing.

Telephone Interpreting

Please use telephone interpreting for all appointments under 46 minutes. This applies to all short appointments unless the patient has additional vulnerabilities, such as cognitive impairment or hearing loss, or is a child over 2 years old.

You can access telephone interpreting by calling or using the app.

Call 0800 004 2000 ( choose option 2 – telephone interpreting), or download the Capita LiveLINK Client App

You will need your 6-digit department code and a language identification code. You will also need your password to use the app.

If you do not know your code or password –

Acute sites – click here

All other sites – call: 0141 347 8811

Face to Face Interpreting for Spoken Language or British Sign Language (BSL)

For appointments that contain very complex information, or where a patient is receiving bad news, face to face interpreters may be available. 

To book, email:

For same day/next day requests and cancellations please do not email. Call 0141 347 8811.

The service operates from 8.00am – 6.00pm Monday – Friday and 8.00am – 4.00pm Saturday & Sunday.

Out of hours

For both Spoken Language and British Sign Language interpreting, call 0141 347 8811 to be connected to the appropriate service.

British Sign Language (BSL) Online Interpreting Service                                                                               

This online service allows you to communicate with your Deaf patients while waiting for a face to face interpreter to arrive, or during hospital stays when an interpreter is not always present. For more information on how to access this, click the British Sign Language link. 

Deafblind Communicators

Contact Deafblind Scotland on 0141 777 6111 (9.00am to 5.00pm – Monday to Friday)

Out of Hours, call 07715 421 388

Note takers and lip speaker for those who are hard of hearing can also be booked through the interpreting service.

British Sign Language

It is the responsibility of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde staff to provide a BSL interpreter for Deaf patients attending any healthcare appointment.

To view a short film on how best to support our Deaf BSL patients, click here.

Pre Planned Appointments

For all pre-planned appointments, please contact the interpreting services on 0141 278 2555. We will provide you with a booking reference number (BRN).  

Accident and Emergency / Out Of Hours   

To book a face to face interpreter for unplanned visits or out of hours please contact one of the following agencies – 

Sign Language Interactions 03333447712

D.A Languages 01619282533

Deaf Services Lanarkshire 0123 660 4808 or

Deaf Connections 0141 420 1759

N.B We also provide an online interpreting service, enabling the patient to communicate with staff while waiting for a face to face interpreter to arrive.

The online service means that in an emergency, staff can quickly link up to an interpreter at any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and communicate with their patient.

It can also be used during hospital stays, when an interpreter is not available.

BSL Online is accessed through special laptops which come ready to use with simple instructions. Staff should contact the relevant departments to access the service.

To view a short film on how to use BSL Online, click here.

BSL Online is currently available at the following sites –

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

  • Accident & Emergency Department
  • Support & Information Service (Telephone: 0141 452 2387)
  • Spinal Injury Unit

Glasgow Royal Infirmary

  • Accident & Emergency Department
  • Acute Assessment Unit
  • Wards 51, 52, 53 & 65

Stobhill Hospital

  • Minor Injuries Unit

Royal Alexandra Hospital

  • Accident & Emergency Department

Inverclyde Royal Hospital

  • Accident & Emergency Department

Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Care

New Victoria Hospital

  • Support & Information Service
  • Minor Injury Unit

Gartnavel General Hospital

  • 3rd Floor Offices

Gartnavel Royal Hospital

  • The Hub

West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital

  • Outpatients Department

Vale of Leven Hospital

  • Receiving Ward

Royal Hospital for Children

  • Outpatient Department
  • Accident & Emergency Department
  • Paediatric Cardiac Services

Maternity Services

  • Princess Royal Hospital
  • Queen Elizabeth University Hospital
  • Royal Alexandra Hospital

Mental Health Facilities

  • Stobhill Hospital
  • Ravenscraig Hospital
  • Dykebar Hospital
  • Leverndale Hospital
Out of Hours

Telephone Or face To Face Interpreting – If you need an interpreter out of hours, please call the interpreting service phone number – 0141 278 2555– then select the option you require, and your call will be redirected.

British Sign Language – Please refer to our previous BSL page which provides full details for emergency and out of hours services.   

Additional Resources
Booking System

The Interpreting service has a new booking system. This system has additional functionality which is known as Employee On-Line (EOL). This will allow all interpreters to add their availability via this function, and view their booked shifts. You can access this through your smart phone, Ipad or any internet device.

Bank workers who continually book shifts and subsequently cancel are having a  detrimental impact on the staff banks ability to effectively fill shifts and meet service demands. NHSGGC Staff bank will monitor EOL activity and any Bank workers identified as repeatedly cancelling shifts after providing their availability may have this access removed.

Please see links below for access, useful guides and information on:

News & Events

Pay dates

Interpreting Service Festive Early Cut off Details Here

Attend Anywhere Information

We now have the capacity to offer Attend Anywhere (Near Me) video interpreting appointments in a variety of different languages in scenarios where telephone interpreting and face to face appointments are not appropriate.

If you would like to book an Attend Anywhere appointment please email giving us the following information:- Your name, department, contact details, Attend Anywhere waiting area link, time and date of appointment, expected duration of appointment and the name of the clinician and patient.

On the day of the appointment the interpreter will be available in the waiting area and will identify themselves as “interpreter” and should be invited into the call prior to the patient.

For more information about Attend Anywhere appointments please do not hesitate to contact the interpreting department on 0141 347 8811.

Direct Patient Access to Interpreting Service

Patients can now access the telephone interpreting service to contact any NHSGGC service.

For example, patients can use the telephone interpreting service to make an appointment with their GP, discuss medications with their Pharmacy, book a Maternity appointment or contact NHS 24.

An information leaflet is available in multiple languages. It explains how to use the service by calling or by using a mobile app. It provides codes specific to NHSGGC services so can only be used for this purpose.