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UPDATE: Following the successful implementation of HEPMA (Hospital Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration) which will replace the paper inpatient kardex, within South and North sectors, the next phase of the implementation has now commenced within the Clyde sector.

In order to ensure that you are ready for this change it is essential that if you are undertaking shifts within the Clyde sector sites to please ensure that you complete the following Learnpro module;

eHealth Systems: GGC eHealth: HEMPA Nursing Training

Facilitators will be onsite locally during the implementation period to offer training and support. Further information is available on this page.

You will also need to ensure that you have an active NHSGGC Network account and NHSGGC e-mail account; if you need assistance with setting up or updating your GGC accounts please complete and return the HEPMA request form available on the web page

Thank you

Nurse Bank Management Team

*Important update for Registered Nurses*

Successful HEPMA pilot paves the way for GGC-wide rollout

Hepma Request Form  can be downloaded from HERE