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Administrative & Clerical Staff Bank

General Information

Our Service

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Admin & Clerical Bank are here to help when there are planned, or unplanned, shortfalls in the levels of administration or clerical staff.

We currently provide band 2, band 3 and band 4 admin staff throughout GGC, to provide a short term temporary solutions to gaps in administration staff.

Bank workers are registered with NHSGGC Admin & Clerical Bank and are available to fill short-term shortfalls in manpower resource for up to 3 months. 

(Roles expected to last longer than 3 months should be referred to the budget holder of the service, as an considered solution may be a fixed term contract) 

What we do

The Admin & Clerical Bank service provides a central booking, recruitment and management service for NHSGGC. The service provides a crucial link for unforeseen or unplanned gaps in administration services.

How to contact us
Administration Bank Booking and Control Process

Background and Purpose

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) has an Administration Bank which is accessible by all services.

The purpose of this to provide immediate administrative cover for departments; to provide resources for short term vacancies up to a maximum duration of 3 months for Band 2, 3 and 4.

Where a vacancy is expected to last beyond 3 months then the post must be processed through the Directorate/HSCP/Corporate Vacancy Control Review Group, with consideration given to alternative hiring and contract arrangements.

Any position which reaches a duration of 3 months and requires to be extended must then be progressed through the Directorate/HSCP/Corporate Vacancy Control Review Group. Engagement will take place with the Staff Bank prior to this date to allow appropriate time for consideration of the vacancy.

Please click Here for further information on our Booking and Control Process

Please click Here for our Admin Booking Request Form

Administrative & Clerical Bankstaff (Booking system)

Bankstaff (Booking system)

The bank management and booking system was introduced to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde in July 2017.  The new system, called Bankstaff, and is used to manage bookings for Administration and Clerical Bank

Once the bank staff office receive the completed Admin & Clerical booking request from, they will be responsible for adding the shifts to the bank system. Should you require additional shifts to be added, please contact the bank office  

Following the shifts being completed, the authoriser(s) are required to access the Bankstaff system and electronically confirm the shift has been worked, and then finalise the timesheet to allow the shift to be paid.

Authorisers will be provided with log-in details for Bankstaff by the bank office.

The payroll cut off for electronic time sheets authorisation is now 12.00pm on Friday, to allow the shift(s) to be paid the following Friday.

 To access the system, please click Here