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Skin Health Surveillance

As a healthcare employer who provides high quality patient care we need to ensure that those who provide that care are fit and well, and part of that means looking after our skin.

Work related skin problems are common within the health and social care sector as employees have to carry out hand hygiene on a frequent basis and their skin can also regularly be exposed to chemicals or other materials used in the manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde cannot eliminate all known risks to staff skin health, therefore it is essential that measures are implemented to detect any health problem that might arise through an effective skin health surveillance programme, this allows for preventative action to be taken in order to safeguard the health of the employee. Skin health surveillance will also review existing risk assessments and control measures and provide assurance that workplace controls are adequate.

If you require any advice regarding Skin Health Surveillance, please contact Occupational Health on 0141 201 0594

Please be aware in response to the pandemic, routine Occupational health activity has been modified. We continue to provide support & advice to staff in relation to their skin health although this may be carried out in a different way using telephone consultations or the Attend Anywhere video consultation service. 

Temporary changes to Skin Health Surveillance process
  •  Dry/red skin – We recommend that managers try the steps outlined in our skincare information sheet and the Hand Dermatitis Guide from National Education Scotland in the first instance however, if your staff member’s skin does not improve following this then please submit a skin health surveillance questionnaire to Occupational Health. Please provide details of any steps you have taken in the workplace e.g. increased use of moisturisers.

If your staff member has broken, cracked or bleeding skin – We recommend that you submit a skin health surveillance questionnaire and an attend anywhere consultation will be arranged.

Irritation from FRSM/Surgical Masks

Please do not submit a skin health surveillance questionnaire or a management referral form  if a staff member is experiencing irritation from wearing a surgical or FRSM mask. Further Guidance on prevention and management of skin irritation can be found here 

If the irritation continues please contact the nursing team on 0141 201 0594.

Learnpro Training

The Learnpro modules “Managing Skin Care at Work for Managers” and “Managing Skin Care at Work for Responsible Persons” can be found within the CPD section.

The NES module Hand Hygiene is part of The Scottish Infection Prevention & Control Education Pathway Foundation level and this can also be accessed via Learnpro.