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Peer Support Network

A Peer Support Framework for all health and social care staff working in the NHSGGC Board area was approved by the Board Strategic Executive Group. On the basis of the principles, conceptual framework, structure and governance arrangements outlined in the framework, the development of a Peer Support Network (PSN) was commissioned and developed by the Board Mental Health and Wellbeing Group with funding from NHS Charities Together.

The aims of the Peer Support Network are:

  • To develop a Board-wide peer support service with clear pathways between the various levels of staff support interventions, fully embedded in a wider governance structure.
  • To implement a model of peer support available to every member of health and social care staff, in line with NHSGGC’s wider staff support strategy, drivers and policies.
  • To embed within services dedicated peer support trainers to cascade knowledge and skills throughout services through establishing and supporting Wellbeing Champions in all teams.
  • To ensure that recognition of the benefits of peer support is at the heart of all health and social care operations.

What does Peer Support Network look like?

Staff peer support is one aspect of the more general staff mental health and wellbeing agenda in the organisation. The peer support model contains a range of interventions and the intensity of the intervention determines the role and required level of training, beyond the foundation level for all staff to access.

The ‘Psychological First Aid’ (PFA) model forms the conceptual basis and foundation for the Peer Support Network. PFA is concerned with reinforcing basic coping strategies by providing care for immediate needs; providing social support; providing information on coping, and connecting to other more intensive supports when indicated.

Peer Support is one part of the range of mental health and wellbeing services available in NHSGGC Mental Health and Well-being here.

Peer Support Network: Levels of Training, Knowledge and Skills Level 1–3

All levels of training, knowledge and skills for peer support are built on the NHSGGC Staff Peer Support Competence Framework which can be found here.

Level 1 All Staff
  • This level is available now and is designed to support all staff in Health and Social Care.
  • This is a short online module and is available via identified digital platforms in health and social care.
  • The module title is An Introduction to Psychological Wellbeing. 

Links to digital platforms are:

  • Health staff available on NHSGGC LearnPro, search GCC 277
  • Social Care staff link to local authority online learning platform
Level 2 Peer Supporter Role
  • This level is available now and provides training for colleagues identified as a Peer Supporter for their service.
  • Identified team members will have the prerequisite skills and be provided with additional training and support to be a Peer Supporter within their defined team.
  • Training is designed and delivered by the NHSGGC Psychology Therapies Service and provides the acquisition of competencies for the role of Peer Supporter and underpinned by the values and principles of peer support.
  • It is essential that staff being considered for Peer Supporter roles are supported by their immediate line manager and the senior manager for their service to ensure they have allocated time to provide this support.
  • Potential Peer Supporters will have enough experience to meet the needs of their team/peers, and that the role is appropriate to their grading and level of seniority within a team.
  • In certain teams it would be desirable to have more than one Peer Supporter to ensure an appropriate mix of peer support available.
  • This role connects to the wider mental health and wellbeing interventions across NHSGGC.

Supporting information for Peer Supporter candidates:

For Training Dates; please click here.

Level 3 Train the Trainer
  • Provision for train the trainer development will commence from late Summer 2022 to enable a sustainable pool of trainers to support the Peer Support Network in NHSGGC.
  • The Peer Support Trainer role would be reserved for more experienced and senior staff given the requirement for knowledge and experience in supervising and training others.

You can click here to access NHSGGC Peer Support Competency Framework.