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Internal Training and Meeting Facilities

Quick Guide to Internal Training and Meeting Facilities

The following information provides guidance to two internal routes for accessing training and meeting room facilities in NHSGGC:

NHSGGC Work Space Manager

This is an online self booking system which offers access to a wide range of rooms across NHSGGC with seating capacity from under 20 to a maximum of 120.

Work Space Manager (WSM) is the general booking system for the range of meeting and training rooms in NHSGGC. WSM provides the facility to search for venues using date, location and required resources.

When a user accesses Work Space Manager (WSM) for the first time, they will be required to login; the login will be their email address with a blank password. Once logged in, they are presented with the application set to the highest level of location hierarchy. The nature of the application allows for multiple levels of locations before ending in a floor plan where the resources may be found.

For any issues or additional information, email: or

Teaching and Learning Centre, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus

This is a purpose built teaching and learning centre with a 500 seat capacity lecture theatre plus a range of small (6-15 seats), medium (40 seats) and large (70 seats) teaching rooms.

An appendix is available at the end of this page to provide a quick guide to some of the sites across NHSGGC indicating small, medium or large venues.

The centre was developed jointly by NHSGGC and The University of Glasgow. It represents an investment of £27 million providing a state of the art learning and teaching environment for University of Glasgow undergraduate medical and nursing students as well as students studying on a variety of clinical science postgraduate programmes. It also provides postgraduate training facilities for medical staff and a large variety of NHS professionals thus ensuring we train the next generation of doctors, nurses, scientists, clinical academics and support staff to the highest standards.

Three floors of this purpose built centre are dedicated to teaching and learning. The fourth floor is a purpose built, £5M Clinical Innovation Zone which accommodates the Stratified Medicine Scotland-Innovation Centre, a University of Glasgow-led, Scotland wide collaboration with industry that is a leading initiative in the field of ‘precision medicine’, a National Centre of Excellence for the UK Precision Medicine Catapult, and incubator units for industry.

For any issues or additional information, please email:

Quick Reference Guide

The following list is a summary guide to sites in NHSGGC that offer venues currently available via Work Space Manager (WSM) and the Teaching and Learning Centre, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Campus. The search function on WSM offers the opportunity to narrow done the search to meet the specific requirements of the event.

This list is not exhaustive and there may be other venues located in NHSGGC that are not included in this sample of small, medium and large venues.

6 – 15 Seats
40 Seats
70 Seats
100 Seats
500 Seats