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Our Workforce Equality Group is an established group of stakeholders with appointed Executive sponsors and non-Executive Champions from across the organisation including, Human Resources and Organisational Development, Equalities and Human Rights, Staff Side Colleagues, Corporate Communications and Equality Group Staff Forum / Network Chairs and our Executive Sponsor and Champions.

Our primary focus is to champion change, shape strategy and policy to ensure inclusivity for all throughout NHSGGC.

In order to do this most effectively we:

  • Collaboratively develop the NHSGGC Workforce Equality Action Plan 2021/22 and oversee its delivery
  • Ensure we operate in alignment with the Board organisational values
  • Encourage a behavioural approach which will promote and embed the principles of dignity and respect across our workforce
  • Provide access to the relevant information, standards, policies, procedures and legislation to ensure equality, diversity and inclusivity throughout the organisation
  • Provide governance and assurance to support, align and engage staff Forums and Networks
  • Align with the equality outcomes identified in the Fairer NHSGGC Equality Report: A Fairer NHSGGC 
Sponsors & Champions

As part of our organisational commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, we have four appointed executive leaders, representing our Board of Directors’ continued dedication to growing an inclusive organisation, where every employee is treated fairly and consistently, with dignity and respect.

As well as the appointed Executive sponsors and champions introduced below, every employee can be a champion of equality, diversity and inclusion by consistently displaying encouraging behaviours to ensure all interactions are in line with our organisational values.

Anne MacPherson, Executive Sponsor, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development

As the Director of Human and Resources and Organisational Development for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde , Anne brings vision and  clarity to the continuous evolution of our Workforce Equality Strategic Framework, as part of our Workforce Strategy. Anne leads the Boards Workforce Equality Group (WEG) which is a group of key stakeholders who collaborate to champion change, shape strategy and policy to ensure inclusivity for all throughout NHSGGC. 

“Our continued focus on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is a critical part of our NHSGGC  ‘Workforce Strategy’ aligned to our Better Workplace objectives.  It is important that everyone understands the part they play in creating a culture where diversity is acknowledged and celebrated, in line with our organisational values”.

Anne drives forward and inspires the Workforce Equality Strategy with leadership, direction and dedication, determined to continue “Growing our Great Community” where every employee is valued and respected for the unique talents they bring to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Anne-Marie Monaghan, Non-Executive Director, Disability Diversity Champion

As Non-Executive Director, and the Board’s Disability Diversity Champion, Anne-Marie brings energy and rigour to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Workforce Equality Strategy.  With significant experience of working in both voluntary sector and public sector, Anne-Marie has held a range of senior roles with significant financial, governance, operational and strategic responsibilities, as well as extensive experience of social work delivery with skills in learning disability, policy, and community engagement .

As a woman living with a significant disability, I have experienced discrimination and prejudice . I am committed to making sure that disability does not prevent people from reaching their potential and that all marginalised groups have equality of opportunity and are fairly treated.

Driven, energetic and determined, Anne-Marie ensures inspired coordinated action, to progress focussed delivery of our Workforce Equality Action Plan.

As well as ensuring visibility and accessibility to our extended workforce, Anne-Marie is a member of the NHSGGC Public Health Committee and the Finance, Planning and Performance Committee.

Amina Khan, Non-Executive Director, BME Diversity Champion

As Non-Executive Director, and the Board’s BAME Diversity Champion, Amina brings passion and drive to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Workforce Equality Strategy.  Having worked face-to-face with thousands of patients and clinicians, Amina has extensive ground-level experience of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health and Social Care services, and knowledge of the specific needs and challenges facing minority communities.

“I am committed to ensuring that equality, diversity and inclusion is embedded across our organisation. Recent global events have shown that systemic discrimination can run deep requiring cultural change and collective action. As a BAME woman myself, I am excited to be part of this transformational change and fully support NHSGGC’s vision of being an equitable service that celebrates ‘difference’ in all its forms.”

Approachable, supportive, and focussed, Amina brings depth and warmth as she shapes and influences our Workforce Equality framework. Amina is a member of the Board Clinical and Care Governance Committee and the Staff Governance Committee, as well as ensuring visibility and accessibility to our extended workforce. 

Ketki Miles, Non-Executive Director, BME Diversity Champion

As a Non-Executive Director, and the Board’s LGBTQ+ Diversity Champion, Ketki brings a strategic focus and drive to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Workforce Equality Strategy. Having worked internationally in the Financial Services industry, Ketki has experience in developing organisational cultures that embed diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their operations.   

Ketki is a strong ally of the LGBTQ+ community and is honoured to be a Champion of this group.  In 2022, Ketki commenced a transition plan that enables her to become the co-chair of the Staff Governance Committee, where she will oversee and seek assurance on NHSGGC’s focus across all staff matters. She also joins the Remuneration and Finance, Planning and Performance Committees, whilst remaining a member of the East Dunbartonshire Integrated Joint Board.


Workforce Equality Action Plan 2021/2022