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Accurate employee data enables us to make the right provisions for our workforce. Monitoring diversity at all stages of the employee journey is an important means of growing and nurturing an inclusive workplace, and enables us to ensure our workforce population is a direct representation of the patient population we serve.

We collect, analyse and publish equality data on our workforce regularly, which helps us identify gaps and improvement opportunities. Understanding the demographics of our workforce, we can better support everyone.

NHSGGC collect data on ethnicity, religion, age, marital status, disability, sex, sexual orientation and gender reassignment – these are all protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010. As an organisation committed to equality of opportunity, it is important that we hold accurate data demonstrating our diverse workforce. This information is secured in adherence to GDPR, confidentiality and data protection at all times.

Employee information will be used anonymously to generate data and help ensure equality of opportunity in all areas of the employee journey. It will enable us to develop policies and implement initiatives to ensure we continue to progress as an equal and inclusive employer.

We ask and encourage you to update and maintain your personal data on eESS.  This will enable the organisation to continuously improve as an equal opportunities employer, and ensure the right resources, facilities and support are available for you.

Please click here to view information on how to update your personal data on eESS. If you would like to discuss employee data and how this can benefit you and the organisation, please contact