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PH Hosted Resources – Pregnant? What you need to do next

1 Aug 2017

Keeping fit and active
Keeping fit and active – an exercise guide

PH Hosted Resource – Keeping fit and active (alternative language versions)

PH Hosted Resources – Want to stop smoking when you are pregnant? (English language version)

PH Hosted Resources – Want to stop smoking when you are pregnant? (Alternative language versions)

This suite of leaflets has been put together in response to concerns expressed by GPs that there was a lack of brief information readily available to them to pass on to people with dementia (or, if more appropriate, someone who is caring for a person with dementia).

The leaflets have been prepared by colleagues at Alzheimer Scotland, in conjunction with the Scottish Dementia Working Group

The aim of the leaflets is to provide people with dementia, and / or a person who cares for them, with useful information on a range of topics that can be provided at an appropriate time for the person. Most are addressed to people with dementia, thought they will all be of relevance to carers, too.

An outline of content of the leaflets is provided below. 

  • 3 Jan 2018 About dementia
    This describes dementia, with information about symptoms; Alzheimer’s disease; what someone should do if they are worried about their symptoms; and information about treatment and research.
  • 3 Jan 2018 About young onset dementia
    This leaflet provides information about the types of dementia that people under 65 might have, and information about living with the condition that is relevant for younger people who are more likely still to be in work. It describes some of the supports that are available. There are some services that are specific to people living in the city of Glasgow. However, advice and guidance on all aspects of dementia is available to anyone through Alzheimer Scotland’s 24 hour Freephone Dementia Helpline on 0808 808 3000 and from local Alzheimer Scotland services.
  • 3 Jan 2018 Adults with incapacity act
    This describes the rights of a person with dementia; the aims and principles of the act; the meaning of “incapacity” and ways to safeguard a person’s welfare.
  • 3 Jan 2018 Getting help caring for someone with dementia – information for carers
    This leaflet is aimed at carers and encourages them to seek help with that role. It explains the sources and types of help available, including the new link worker posts.
  • 3 Jan 2018 Healthy living with dementia
    Gives advice about diet, exercise, social activity and maintaining contacts, and the importance of looking after other aspects of one’s health.
  • 3 Jan 2018 Managing money
    This leaflet introduces the concept of the Power of Attorney and describes other ways that someone with dementia can be helped to manage their finances.
  • 3 Jan 2018 Planning for the future – financial, legal and care issues
    This leaflet discusses Anticipatory Care Plans; introduces the concept of Power of Attorney; outlines the importance of making a will and the status of any property someone has should they need to go into a care home.
  • 3 Jan 2018 Powers of attorney – financial and welfare
    This provides detailed information about Powers of Attorney – what they cover, how they are created, who can be an attorney and what to do with the Power of Attorney document.

The Information Management team is part of the Public Health Directorate.

The Information Management service enables public health and health improvement staff across NHSGGC to have access to high quality health information.


A range of books on health improvement topics, public health issues and health management. There is also a variety of books covering general health and lifestyle issues, all of which are available to borrow.

Public Health and Health Improvement Resources

Our Public Health Resources Directory (PHRD) provides access to comprehensive information about the full range of public health and health improvement resources available to clients across Greater Glasgow and Clyde. The new system also provides an easy to use online ordering facility.


  • Search or browse for resources
  • Online ordering
  • Preview and/or download (where available) pdf copies of resources
  • Feedback and comment on resources
  • Keep up to date with resource alerts

You will also find details of how to register and order resources along with guidelines on maximum quantities available to order for each resource on the site.

You should know that:

These resources are free of charge to people living or working in the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde area. To ensure they are used to their best advantage, these materials should be used in conjunction with group teaching or individual health counselling.

Sample copies of resources are available to preview at West House.

If you have any question contact:

Stor – a digital repository for Public Health

Stòr is NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde’s digital repository for Public Health. It is a web based collection of published research and grey literature produced by and for public health in the NHS across Glasgow and Argyll & Clyde since the 1970s. All digital items can be accessed free of charge and in full text. 


The Information Management team facilitates access to a wide selection of journals covering a range of public health, health improvement and management topics. 

Print journal subscriptions are negotiated at a national level by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and most titles are available to search and browse on the Knowledge Network.

This arrangement follows an extensive needs assessment and tendering process to ensure cost savings to NHS boards, increased access to journals and improved currency of journal collections to all health and social care staff in Scotland.

A back run of print journals, held in storage, is available for users to browse on request. Details of our print journals ( which cover health management, public health and health improvement) and their availability are listed here.

Inter-Library Loans

An Inter-Library-Loans and Document Delivery Service is available for NHSGGC Board staff.  Before requesting a copy of an article, staff should check the Knowledge Network to see if the desired article is available online.   For articles which cannot be accessed via the Knowledge Network, staff should complete the Document Delivery form and return it to a member of IM staff.   To arrange a book loan please complete the Inter-Library-Loan form and return it to IM.    For further information on this or any other service please contact us at: 

The Knowledge Network replaced the NHS Scotland e-library as of the 1st March 2011 and provides access to more than 6000 full text journals. The Information Management team offers training in how to use the Knowledge Network either in group settings or individual drop-in sessions. Contact us to discuss training to any other aspect of the Knowledge Network.

e-Tables of Contents

The Information Management team can arrange for  NHSGGC Board staff to receive the contents pages of journals via email. Theses journals may be in physical or electronic format; this service can be organised for any title for which the publisher makes this service available. Please contact us for further details:

Literature Search

The service

Literature searching is a process to locate reliable, appropriate and current evidence on a specific topic.  Qualified information professionals conduct literature searches for NHSGGC staff on public health topics.

The search

A literature search consists of a search of several biomedical databases (such as Medline, Embase and the Cochrane Library) and may also include subject gateways, the Internet and/or the holding of other libraries.  The PHRU IM team offer five search types:

  1. Rapid review (24hr turnaround, for outbreak support, media/FOI enquiry etc) – contact the IM team directly
  2. Ad hoc / enquiry answering (1 week turnaround, brief update on specific topic/subject)
  3. Standard (2 weeks turnaround, database(s) search to meet general/generic information needs)
  4. Standard combined (3 weeks turnaround, database(s) and grey literature search to meet general/generic information needs)
  5. Advanced (4-5 weeks turnaround, to inform top level projects)

How to request

To request a literature search complete our online literature search request form or contact us to discuss your search requirements.

Search results

Search results are emailed and contain: the databases searched, the terms used, the limits applied, and a list of references (with abstracts if available).  Sourcing full text documents is a separate process and IM staff can assist in this process.


The IM team also offer training on how to literature search and use the Knowledge Network. Contact the IM team if you would like to discuss training.

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