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Laboratory Genetics

Referral to Clinical Genetics / Consent

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Protection of Personal Information

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Patient Information Leaflets

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Head of Service for Laboratory Genetics

Nicola Williams, Consultant Clinical Scientist

Telephone: 0141 354 9313


Deputy Head of Service for Laboratory Genetics

Paul Westwood, Consultant Clinical Scientist

Tel: 0141 354 9312



Germline Programme Manager

Therese Bradley, Principal Clinical Scientist

Tel: 0141 354 9311



Somatic Programme Manager

Claire McKeeve, Principal Clinical Scientist

Tel: 0141 354 9288



Technical Programme Manager

Rachael Ellis, Principal Clinical Scientist

Tel: 0141 354 9331



Quality Manager

Caroline Devlin, Principal Clinical Scientist

Tel: 0141 354 9299


Full details of the service provided by the Laboratory can be found in the Laboratory Users Manual

A list of all services currently available in Scotland can be found in Genomic Test Directory for Rare and Inherited Disease (Germline) and Genomic Test Directory for Molecular Pathology (Somatic)

A list of all genomic tests commissioned by NHS England for rare and inherited disorders, and cancer can be found in The National Genomic Test Directory

Full schedule of accredited tests can be found on the UKAS search of accredited organisations

Sending a sample for Genetic testing

Each request accepted by the laboratory for testing is considered an agreement between the user and laboratory.  Please see the Terms and Conditions of Service

Sample acceptance criteria / mandatory information

Either a completed request form or a detailed letter must be sent with each patient sample. Forms can also be requested by telephoning the department on 0141 354 9300 or downloaded from the list using ‘Our testing services (Germline and Somatic)’ tab below.

As a minimum, two pieces of patient identifying information must be provided on both the form and the sample container, e.g. name and CHI number. Specimens may be rejected if the form and the sample container do not have the same 2 patient identifiers.

Consent for testing

Record of discussions regarding testing and/or storage of genetic material must be recorded on the Genetic Record of Discussion Consent Form

Further Analysis on Previously Stored Sample

For clinical users that wish to request further genetic testing for patients where we already have an appropriate specimen in the laboratory, the Further Analysis Request Form needs to be filled in. This will automatically send the request to the genetics laboratory. The request will be actioned by the laboratory or someone from the laboratory will contact the referring clinician if there are any issues or if further information is required.

Accreditation and Quality Management

The Laboratory Genetics department is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to ISO 15189:2012 standards. The scope of services included in this accreditation can be viewed here.

As part of our quality management system and to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our users, we are always keen to receive any comments you may have regarding the quality of the service we provide and would welcome any suggestions on ways in which we might be able to improve the service. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service, please contact the Quality Manager.

Privacy Statement

In Laboratory Genetics, we use secure cloud-based analysis tools to help us analyse and interpret DNA sequencing results. Please click here for our Privacy Notice regarding this.

Our testing services (Germline and Somatic)

Haemato-oncology send away tests – all referrals for specialist testing must be sent via Laboratory Genetics for processing and forwarding to appropriate test centre


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Rare and inherited disease

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Haematology Malignancy

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Cancer (Solid Tumour)

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Laboratory Genetics forms part of the West of Scotland Centre for Genomic Medicine and is co-located with the Clinical Genetics Service at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. The Laboratory provides a comprehensive diagnostic genetic service for the patients of the West of Scotland (population >2.7 million) and offers specialised testing to the whole of Scotland, the UK and overseas. 

The laboratory is a member of the Scottish Genetics Laboratories Consortium and the Scottish Molecular Pathology Consortium, with laboratories also located in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh. The Laboratory Services are funded by National Services Division of NHS Scotland (NSD) and are commissioned to work together to provide a comprehensive genetics service to the patients of Scotland

Our Services

The department offers Germline and Somatic testing, full details of which can be found under the Information for Healthcare Professionals link.

Where to find us

Postal Address for correspondence and samples

West of Scotland Centre for Genomic Medicine

Laboratory Genetics

Level 2B Laboratory Medicine & FM Building

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Glasgow, G51 4TF

Contacting the Laboratory

For general enquiries please contact our Duty Scientist at

or telephone 0141 354 9300 (internal 59300)

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, from 8.30am – 5.00pm

Saturday, from 9.00am – 12.00pm (sample receipt only)

A limited service will also be provided on public holidays except for Christmas Day and New Years Day when the department is closed

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