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Patient Leaflets

When you attend your clinic appointment to see the Specialist Clinician you may be given a selection of leaflets about your condition to read. Please select the correct body part to find the appropriate leaflet.

You will also find our Virtual/Fracture Clinic leaflets for self-management which will be posted out to you following attendance at A&E and assessment by our Orthopaedic Specialist Clinicians.

Select the body part below for further information.


Pre-Surgery General Information

Post Surgery Information

Additional / External Resources

NOTE: *your physiotherapist will provide you with a password in order to access this programme.

Knee Exercise Videos

Foot & Ankle
Hand & Wrist
Virtual/Fracture Clinic

Note: Patients are not expected to attend Virtual Clinic appointments.

The Orthopaedic Consultant and Nurse will look at your notes and x-ray(s) and contact you with advice. This might be an appointment to come to the clinic or phone advice and discharge with the option to call back anytime for further advice or an appointment.

It is helpful if you give the staff in the Emergency Department your most up-to-date phone number and remember the call may come from a 0800 number.

Following assessment you may be sent a letter with one of the following leaflets: