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Fracture Clinic Information

Our Fracture Clinics/Trauma Pathway

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  • fracture clinic
  • nurse led clinics
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Virtual Fracture Clinic

After your visit to the Emergency Department you may be initially referred to our Virtual Fracture Clinic. As the name implies this is a virtual clinic and patients do not need to attend. 

An Orthopaedic Consultant and Nurse will look at your notes and x-ray and contact you with advice. You may be asked to physically attend our Fracture Clinic or you will be given advice over the phone and discharged with the option to call back anytime for further advice or an appointment.

It is helpful if you give the staff in the Emergency Department your most up-to-date phone number and remember the call may come from a 0800 number.

Following assessment you may be sent a letter with one of the following leaflets:

Fracture clinic

Following the Virtual Clinic outcome, you may be given an appointment to attend one of our Fracture Clinics in the Gatehouse Building (Castle Street). An orthopaedic doctor will look at your notes, x-rays and talk to you about your injury. The clinics are split up into different body parts on different days of the week (see chart below). The patients attending this clinic are usually people who have had an accident so there can be lots of patients at the same clinic. The nurses will keep you up to date if waiting times are longer than expected. It is helpful if you have something to eat before you come and take your normal medicines. It is also helpful if you bring a list of any medication you are currently taking.

Fracture Clinic Schedule

  • Monday: Foot and Ankle Morning Clinic
  • Tuesday: Elbow/Shoulder Morning Clinic/Hand and Wrist Afternoon Clinic
  • Wednesday: Hip Morning Clinic
  • Thursday: Knee Morning Clinic
  • Friday: Frame Clinic Morning Clinic

Nurse Led Clinic

After an injury or in some cases after an operation you may be asked to attend to one of our Nurse Led Clinics. These clinics are held daily Monday to Friday and are run by our specialist nurses who are very experienced and have had training in orthopaedic injuries and operations. If a doctor is needed the nurse can contact one to see you.

Additional Information

If you have been asked to attend the Fracture Clinic and wish to cancel or rearrange your appointment please call 0141 201 3105 or 0141 201 3114 

These lines are staffed from 8.00am until 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00am until 4.00pm on Fridays (excluding public holidays). 

We can also be contacted via email at

Should you require any additional advice from medical staff, the specialist nurses can be reached on 0141 201 6417 or 0141 201 6416 during normal office hours.