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Exercise and Movement

Being active is really good for all of us but you may not be sure of how much to do to get a real benefit.  The UK Chief Medical Officers report (2019) outlined recommendations for the amount and type of activity that adults and older adults should participate in to really get some benefit (Guidelines Infographic). 

There is also good evidence that being physically active helps boost immunity and can protect against serious illness from covid19 as the following video outlines (video less than 2 min watch):

If you are looking for specific advice about exercising after a COVID-19 infection please have a look at these evidence based resources compiled by our physiotherapy colleagues.

If you have any queries about your medical suitability for exercising please discuss this with a healthcare professional.  

The good news is that within Greater Glasgow and Clyde we have a range of physical activity opportunities and activities for participants so there is something for everyone. In addition we have services that offer more support in helping you become more active.

All you need to do is email the following details to

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Address and postcode.
The benefits of exercises (video 5 mins watch)

Information about keeping active, things to consider and about specific activities

Exercising with pain (video less than 2 min watch)
Self-help Management and Helpline from Versus Arthritis
For information regarding access to Glasgow Club sports facilities
Advice and tips to prevention falls (10 min read)