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Memory Milk Gift – Donation After Loss

The Memory Milk Gift Initiative began at The Milk Bank at Chester in 2021 to raise awareness of donation after loss. We believe that every bereaved family across the UK should have the choice to donate milk in memory of their baby and commemorated on our Memory Milk Tree.

Our Memory Milk Tree is in the Milk Bank at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. All families who donate after loss, have the option of having their baby’s name added to the tree. We also give you a Memory Milk Pebble with your baby’s name to remember their precious gift to others. These are available at any time during your donation journey or afterwards. Simply fill out the Memory Tree Consent Form further below. 

Continuing to express

Whilst donation does not suit everyone after the loss of your baby, some families find comfort in continuing to express and donate. We would encourage you to discuss donation with the healthcare professional caring for you to make a decision that feels right for you. They can also give you advice about expressing, including how soon to start and how often to express. 

To support you to express your breastmilk, we have organised a free pump and set for you to use whilst donating. This is available at Purchase – Symphony PLUS double electric breast pump – Medela Breast Pumps ( Your healthcare professional or the Milk Bank will be able to give you the special code for this. Simply add the discount code when completing the form.

A pump will be delivered to you as soon as possible, usually the next working day. You will have to use a Debit or Credit Card to place the order which will be charged 30p. This will be refunded once the order is processed.

There are also instructions on how to use the pump symphony-instructions-for-use.pdf ( and frequently asked questions FAQs – Medela Breast Pumps (

How will your milk help

Donor milk is recommended for preterm and vulnerable babies when their own mother’s milk is not available or not enough when establishing their supply. We provide milk to all the Neonatal Units across Scotland. 

Thank you for thinking of others at this difficult time and we hope you take some small comfort in knowing your precious milk donation has helped other babies. 

Screening Process

At Milk Bank Scotland, we are here to support you through the screening process and to make this as simple as possible. We can talk you through this and answer any questions you may have. There are some situations where milk cannot be used directly to feed other babies. For example, if you smoke, vape or are on certain medications. In these circumstances, we offer you the choice to donate your milk for other purposes like ensuring best practice in the milk bank. You can get the link to both of the consent forms below.

We may also need to have a blood sample from you to test for HIV, HTLV, Hepatitis and Syphilis. These can be taken in the Neonatal Unit prior to discharge or by your GP and posted back to us. 

If you have milk stored at home, we can arrange to collect your milk at a convenient time for you. Simply complete the collection form below.  

We also have dedicated Instagram and twitter accounts for bereaved families where, if you would like, we can share your baby’s story on our Instagram or Twitter

In order for your baby’s name to be painted on to the Memory Milk Tree and to create your pebble, we need to check your baby’s name and get your consent for both questions.