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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

The ‘Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Programme’ refers to the processes in place to ensure that patients are ready for their surgery and receive the care they need to get back to the comfort of their own home, as quickly as possible.

A huge part of improving a patient’s recovery after surgery is making sure they have a good understanding of what to expect before coming into the hospital. This website, information leaflets and appointments with the staff in the hospital are all opportunities to find out what will happen when you come into the hospital and how to prepare for it.

Preparing for surgery

An operation and the healing process can place high physical demands on the body. In the weeks and months before an operation, you can take action to improve your health and fitness in preparation for surgery. If you do this then you will be back to your normal self, much quicker.

During and after your surgery

We make sure all patients get the same high level of care during their anaesthetic, surgery and afterwards on the ward, so we can get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Physiotherapists and nursing will do this by:

  • Getting you out of bed, with the help of the staff, soon after surgery
  • Encourage you to eat and drink normally
  • Get you dressed and into your own clothes
  • Getting you home as soon as possible

This will all help to get your recovery off to the best possible start and do not increase the risk of any complications.

The sooner you can get moving and get back on your feet the better the result from your surgery. It can also helps reduce discomfort, if you have had a hip or knee replacement surgery. 

We will ensure you have plenty of medication available to help ease the pain when you need it. In most cases, the discomfort significantly improves after only a few days.

When you come into the hospital you will be told how long your hospital stay is likely to be, so you know what to expect.

The planned duration of stay will vary depending on the specifics of your operation and which hospital you are attending. You will be assessed regularly after your surgery to check how you are progressing and to check for any complications.

You will be discharged home when you are ready even if this is earlier than the planned date. If you need a little more help don’t worry, you will not be discharged until you are ready.