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“We are entrusted with the most precious thing in the world – which is why we use the most advanced technology we can”.

As part of IVF or ICSI treatment we keep your embryos in our laboratory for up to 5 days. During this time we monitor your embryos to check how well they are developing. 

Embryo development is dynamic and they need continuous monitoring to allow us to watch their pattern of development and to ensure we select the ‘best’ embryo(s) for transfer. Until now, a wealth of information about embryo development has gone unseen.

EmbryoScope gives us a new way of looking after and looking at your embryos. It provides a safe, undisturbed and controlled environment for your embryos and allows us to look at your embryos whenever we wish, and to constantly record their development from the moment the egg fertilises to the moment the embryo is transferred. We can look and observe the embryo within the incubator using ‘real-time’ footage whenever we like without disturbing them. A large screen provides a continuous overview of all embryos within the incubator. In addition, continuous 4D images are stored automatically with the patient file for review at any time during the embryo’s development. This means we can go back and view what has been happening in their development day and night. We can see things that we might have missed before because it didn’t happen at a time when we would be examining them under the microscope.

Most importantly, there is evidence to suggest that using EmbryoScope may increase your chances of your treatment working. It may well be possible to now observe key events in your embryos development to help us select which embryos will turn into babies.

Here is an example of what we see… 

Here is an example of what Embryoscope allows us to see…

Please ask to speak to a member of the scientific team if you would like any more information regarding the EmbryoScope and your treatment.