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Pharmacy Consultations

If you take part in the public consultation exercise your response will be included in the Consultation Analysis Report (CAR), which is shared with all parties in the application process.

Consultation Analysis Report (CAR)

The Consultation Analysis Report (CAR) is a factual statement on how the public consultation was carried out, the questions that were asked and a summary of the responses received. The report also contains the numbers of replies received, the level of support and is jointly produced and agreed by the Health Board (HB) and the applicant.

It is at this point that the applicant will decide either to make a formal application for a new pharmacy or not to move forward with an application. For those that do not move forward, the process is finished.

For those who do move forward to a formal application, the HB’s Pharmacy Practices Committee (PPC) hears the new pharmacy application and takes into consideration the CAR when making their decision.  How they used the CAR in their decision is explained within the record of the PPC meeting.