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About the Team

The Procurement Department consists of the following teams:

  • Senior Management Team
  • Commercial Team
  • Capital Equipment Team
  • Stores and Logistics Team
  • Purchasing, Systems and Customer Services Team

These teams undertake the following functions:

  • The Commercial team is arranged into commodity teams who work closely with clinical, estates, facilities and corporate departments to implement contracts tendered by National Procurement or take forward local contracting and tendering activity
  • The Capital Equipment and Equipping team tender for and order all major items of clinical equipment together with supporting maintenance contracts. The team also deal with equipping of new/refurbished facilities
  • The Purchasing, Systems and Customer Services Team deal with tactical and transactional purchasing activities, provide a Procurement helpdesk function and maintain and manage the electronic systems that underpin the purchase to pay process
  • The Stores and Logistics teams provide ward top up (replenishment) services to our acute hospitals and deal with local logistics activities and also run a central store facility board-wide logistics activity

Buying responsibility for some Specialist Services are delegated to expert departments. They are:

  • eHealth – All hardware, software and IT Projects
  • Operational Estates – All building maintenance and minor works contracts
  • Capital Estates – All new building projects
  • Pharmacy – All medicines and home oxygen contracts

Key Contacts

Suppliers wishing to make us aware of their products / services or have any other general enquiries can contact us via our enquiries email: