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Our responsibilities as an employer

A guide to the policy and the responsibilities it sets for the organisation, managers and individuals in supporting employees at risk of stress.

The organisation

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is committed to:

  • action to support employees to address issues contributing to stress at work and in their wider lives
  • action to support staff who have experienced mental or physical health symptoms associated with stress to return to work and ensure their skills are not lost
  • action to tackle stress and provide support to help staff manage stress.
Directors and senior managers
  • developing an organisational culture where stress is not seen as a sign of weakness or incompetence and where seeking help in managing stress is seen as a sign of strength and good practice
  • reducing and managing, as far as possible, factors which lead to stress in the workplace
  • providing advice and information to managers on their duty of care to staff
  • encouraging a working environment where staff who feel at risk of experiencing the effects of stress can raise an issue in confidence.
Line managers
  • encouraging a team culture where mental wellbeing is as important as physical health
  • carrying out stress risk assessments every two years or before if stress related issues are raised
  • resolving work-related issues at individual level and team level as appropriate, involving people outside the team if necessary
  • regularly reviewing excess hours worked by staff
  • when change is being introduced, provide the necessary support and training to staff
  • when issues arise, involve staff in seeking solutions.

ll staff are responsible for:

  • talking to your line manager if you have a problem. If this is not possible, then you should talk to our occupational health service or human resources
  • supporting colleagues experiencing work-related stress and encouraging them to talk to their line manager, occupational health service, human resources or trade union
  • seeking support, which may include in-house counselling from the Occupational Health Service
  • speaking to your GP if worried about health issues
  • recognising that stress is not a weakness
  • attending stress management course if identified that this would help
  • discussing with your manager whether it is possible to alter your job if necessary to make it less stressful.
Human resources department

The department is responsible for:

  • promoting a positive culture within the workforce
  • assisting the process of return to work for staff
  • facilitating discussions within areas of conflict
  • making sure that polices and codes of conduct are adhered to.
Trade unions

Trades unions are responsible for:

  • encouraging members to speak up
  • investigating potential hazards and complaints from their members
  • liaising with managers to carry out risk assessments.
Occupational health service

The service is responsible for:

  • providing support for staff who may be experiencing stress
  • advising managers and staff on stress triggers and risk assessment process
  • delivering training and education programmes on stress risk assessment with the Health and Safety Service
  • monitoring and reviewing patterns of stress-related sickness absence.
In-house counselling service

The service is available to anyone experiencing problems which affect their ability to function.

Part of Occupational Health, the service is responsible for:

  • offering help to establish a tailor-made programme of stress management which extends beyond work into home life
  • offering help to individuals is assessing whether their coping strategies are working
  • offering an opportunity to talk in confidence about any problem or difficulty, whether work-related or not. The service offers face-to-face and telephone appointments. Please call 0141 201 0600 to make an appointment with one of our counselling team.
Health and safety service

The service is responsible for:

  • ensuring training is provided to managers to carry out stress risk assessments
  • advising managers on effective measures for work-related stress
  • helping monitor work-related stress by assisting with analysis of Datix incident data related to stress.