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Quality Improvement -Tools and Resources

Quality Improvement Tools and Resources

The NHSGGC Clinical Effectiveness Team has compiled a set of resources to help you carry out improvement projects.

Note these will only open when connected to the NHSGGC Network as are hosted on Staff Net.

Other Useful Resources

Using QI Tools for Virtual Training and Development Improvement Project (video)

This is an interesting driver diagram as presented by Jason Leitch during the Covid-19 pandemic to illustrate the governments response to this.

Quality Improvement Projects/Journeys

Here are some projects completed by AHPs during the NHSGGC AHP Quality Improvement Program as well as other sources.

Hopefully they may inspire you to carry out your own QI project.

If you have already carried out a QI project and would like to share this please use one of the templates below and send this to to be uploaded to this site.




Scale Up and Spread

Every QI enthusiast needs to be able to spread the word of their successful Improvement.

This is an excellent video to give you some inspiration (credit Juliet Harvey)

Below are some presentations from the 2021 cohort of the AHP Quality Improvement Program to help you choose the best way to share your Improvement Journey with Others.