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AHP Facilitation of Learning for Students

This page was designed with students in mind, we hope you find the page both informative and useful to help guide and support you through your practice placement journey.

COVID-19 Update

As you are all aware we are in a global pandemic, Covid-19 has resulted in changes to most practice placements within Greater Glasgow and Clyde and as of March 2020 most AHP placements were paused. We are currently working in partnership with our Higher Education Institutions, Practice Educators and Practice Placement Co-ordinators in the recovery of AHP Practice Placements and are committed to continue to deliver quality based learning opportunities for AHP Students.

We will collaboratively with you in order to provide AHP Students the best possible experience, albeit different to what we are used to however with the input and support of media platforms and virtual learning can help us to overcome the challenges and barriers we experience in the changing health care environment we find ourselves in.

COVID-19 Practice Placement Recovery page

This page has been designed to support the recovery of AHP placements and also hosts a number of useful resources it can be accessed on the AHP Community of Practice site.

Student Wellbeing

Students wellbeing is of utmost importance. At this time, each Scottish higher education instiution (HEI)  is providing a range of wellbeing support to students. Students can self refer themselves.

Links to HEI-specific support sites are provided in the document accessed here at the below link:

Placements within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) is the largest health board in the UK. We provide healthcare to over 1.2 million people and employ around 38,000 staff, many of which are Allied Health Professionals (AHP’s).

NHSGGC AHP staff have a positive and integral role to play in the delivery of healthcare and patients.
Understanding and appreciating the importance of AHP’s, NHSGGC are committed to nurturing the future generation of AHP’s through AHP student practice placements. Working in tandem with Higher Education (HE) and Higher Education Institutes (HEI) we support and facilitate pre-registration practice based learning and development.

NHSGGC Board offers client facilities and services in both acute and community settings, over a vast geographical area from Greenock to Glasgow and many places in between. If you are coming to NHSGGC for a placement you may be placed in one or many of settings where we provide health care to service users.

You might feel a mixture of emotions about coming on placement, this is ok and perfectly normal. In this website you should find relevant and necessary pre-placement information including confidentiality to uniform policies, what to expect from the placement and what we expect from you. This, in turn can help to create empowerment and optimistic emotions which can positively impact on confidence and learning throughout your placement.

Profession specific information will be available soon. The student web page is split into different pages. To access each page please choose the relevant section below.


AHP student and practice educator handbook

The AHP student and practice educator handbook provides a variety of resources and information for students and practice educators. It is updated quarterly to ensure it reflects current AHP information and resources. If you feel information requires updated or could be added to please contact
It includes templates for reflection, recording next of kin and permission to share students final report with the higher education institute
It also provides information for students and practice educators on code of conduct, policies, practicalities such as student car insurance, student feedback, students raising a concern, students accessing electronic information systems, membership of PVG Scheme and fire safety for students.

The handbook has been reviewed (June 2022) and the new version can be accessed in the link below.

AHP student feedback questionnaire

The recovery of AHP practice placements within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) has recommenced following the pause of placements due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
In many cases NHSGGC AHPs are providing placements differently or with some changes due to COVID-19 and we would value feedback from AHP students. To assist AHPs to improve and understand the student experience we wish to find out what went well, where we could improve the placement experience we offer and to share what challenges were experienced and how these were perhaps overcome. This information will be gathered by a questionnaire. This will be anonymous unless you choose to add the placement area details (voluntary).

  The data from the survey will initially be shared with the AHP professional leads for dissemination through their service.

 The link to the survey should be provided to each AHP student by the Practice educator who is working directly  with the student on placement within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. This can be provided:

  • As a link within an email
  • On student induction paperwork
  • In student information folders
  • In written form as a URL

It should be stated that participation in the survey is voluntary.

AHP practice based learning agreements

All information in relation to the agreements can be accessed here

Since 2010, there have been AHP Practice Placement Agreements in place between each Scottish higher education institution (HEI)  that runs pre-registration programmes and each NHS Board. Previously known as Practice Placement Agreements (PPA). The AHP PPA’s are currently being refreshed (now to be called AHP Practice-based Learning Agreement ).

NHSGGC have AHP Practice-based Learning Agreements with Glasgow Caledonian University, Queen Margaret University,  Robert Gordon University, University of Strathclyde and Edinburgh Napier University

What is new in the AHP Practice-based learning Agreement?

 The revised agreement provides greater clarity and consistency in approach to governance arrangements for professions, universities and Practice Education Providers. It consolidates current custom and practice that has evolved in relation to student Practice-based Learning since 2009.

 The approach to refreshing the agreement has been to include agreed content written during the original signing, and subsequent developments that underpin the provision of AHP student Practice-based Learning e.g. HCPC Guidance on Conduct and Ethics for Students (2017), AHP placement cancellation guidance, provision of practice educator training etc. The refreshed content has an operational focus to address and balance the requirements of different stakeholders.

 What has not changed?

 The agreements clarify contemporary governance arrangements for Student Practice-based learning. The approach to refreshing the agreements has not included a review of the ongoing commitment to student ‘PrBL Weeks’ (placement weeks) per profession. This work is being progressed separately and will involve Scottish Government, AHP Directors, Practice Education Providers, professional bodies.

 AHP Students from non -Scottish HEI’s

AHP  students who are studying at non-Scottish HEI’s often have placements within NHSGGC however as there are no practice-based learning agreements with these institutions,  governance arrangements regarding issues such as PVG, immunisations etc must be discussed with the HEI and student prior to the student coming on placement.

HCPC regulatory body

Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is the regulating body for health, psychological and social work professionals who protect and set standards around education and training which includes continuing professional development (CPD)
Student Practice Education Community website
NES funded AHP practice education programme to support high quality placement opportunities. The site offers support on pre placement orientation and induction material, Practice Educator CPD and support and an overview of AHP Practice based learning partnership agreements.

NHSGGC policies and procedures