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Why use this site?

‘To improve the care and wellbeing of people in Scotland by making best use of digital technologies in the design and delivery of services.’

Digital health and care strategy, Scottish Government, 2021

We are all living in an increasingly digitized world. How we connect with this at home is a personal choice. How we connect at work is becoming increasingly essential to how we provide and deliver our services ensuring our patients and families are supported along the way.

We hope this website will offer support and help to allow you to work as a digitally enabled clinician on a day-to-day basis but also to consider what it takes to become a digital champion in your area.

Digital literacy

The skills and capabilities that equip us to work in a digital workplace are called ‘digital literacy’.

Not sure how digitally literate you are?

Digital literacy consists of these categories:

  • Communicating
  • Handling information & content
  • Transacting
  • Problem solving
  • Being safe & legal

We have set the categories out in 3 stages to help you learn, improve, and lead in digital:

Thanks for taking time to use the site. Please get in touch and take a minute to complete our feedback survey, including content ideas.

Gillian Ferguson

Chris Grant-Pantrey