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Career Stories – Life as a Doctor

It is almost impossible to describe “life as a doctor”. After finishing medical school the potential career pathways are so varied that no two doctors follow the exact same route. 

There are obviously the roles which are well known and most commonly seen in the media – for example General Practice, Accident and Emergency, Surgery, Paediatrics, but there are also a huge number of other specialties which are equally important but less visible such as laboratory specialties (pathology, biochemistry, microbiology), radiology, and occupational health. Each role has its own necessary skills and so there really is a potential job for everyone within medicine.

Remember that no matter what specialty you pursue there will be further studying and exams and it often takes around 10 years after graduation from medical school before being a fully qualified specialist in your particular field.  

Below are a number of videos from doctors in a range of specialties to give a flavour of the career after medical school.

Sources – You Can Be A Doctor, NHS Education for Scotland, NHS Lothian, Golden Jubilee National Hospital and NHSGGC/MOGWAI

Being a Junior Doctor in Scotland
Roberta: Trainee General Practitioner (GP)
Andrew: Consultant Anaesthetist Critical Care

Thom: Paediatrics Clinical Fellow/Clinical Research
Hazel: Consultant in Older Peoples Medicine
Colin: Consultant Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist)
Kathleen: Trainee in Palliative (End of Life) Care
Adam: Consultant Anaesthetist Obstetrics
Nat and Thalia: Foundation Doctors in Acute Receiving
Dr Robot: Medicine and Technology
Surgical Robot – Colorectal Surgery
Surgical Robot – Orthopaedic Surgery