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Cited to a Nursing & Midwifery Hearing (NMC)

Nursing and Midwifery Council Hearing (MNC)

Ensuring Support for both NMC Witnesses & Registrants – Board Wide

Your role as a witness in a Fitness to Practise (FtP) investigation is very important. The information you provide assists the NMC carry out a full and fair investigation. It helps them to fulfil their duty in protecting the public.

If you have reported an incident to the NMC or your name has been given as a possible witness, then in some cases they will hold a public hearing so that a decision can be made by an independent FtP Panel.

If you are a witness you may be called to give your evidence at the hearing so the panel can hear your evidence and ask you questions about what happened and what information you may know.

From the time of giving your initial statement and the hearing date being set may be some time.  During this time, it may help to familiarise yourself with records and reports in relation to the case and where possible consider what decisions were taken, when and why. Ensure you have some practical and emotional support if you are feeling unsure and anxious.

The NMC website also has detailed information and leaflets for NMC witnesses about what to expect during the investigation process, attending the hearing as well as a helpful virtual tour of a typical hearing room. 

I would encourage you to read the information booklets published by NMC (I have provided links below) in the first instance prior to seeking further support. The NMC information may answer and address any questions/concerns you may have at this time. 

Understandably, this can be an anxious time for staff that are being called to give their evidence at a Hearing and therefore support is available to staff Board Wide within NHSGGC, enabling both NMC witnesses and registrants to seek support leading up to the Hearing.

For staff who are feeling anxious, worried there is support available to you where I can offer you:- 

  • One to one support to address specific concerns and questions
  • Practical support and guidance around expectations of being called as a witness
  • Information around NMC Hearing process and what to expect at the Hearing 
  • Arrangements for you to visit the NMC Office in Edinburgh prior to hearing starting, or on the day of your arrival. 
  • Group Support – Question and Answering sessions can be helpful when there are quite a few staff being cited from the one ward area allowing staff to raise and discuss any general concerns around the expectations of being called as a witness.
  • Having a point of contact of support during the NMC process can be of great benefit to staff who require additional support and guidance.
  • I work in collaboration with NMC Witness Liaison Officers, Edinburgh ensuring dedicated support leading up to the Hearing and also on day of arrival at the Hearing.

Any questions, get in touch with Rachel McGowan, Legal Claims Manager.