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Work Experience in the NHS

There are many different routes which enable people to start a career within the NHS. In NHSGGC we aim to offer a variety of opportunities. Some will help individuals make career choices by providing an insight into the various roles within our organisation and others will support people to develop knowledge and skills that may assist them into future employment.

Please note that NHSGGC work placement and careers insight programmes are currently closed until further notice in order to allow services to prioritise patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check back on these web pages or register for an email alert here.

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Senior Phase Pupils

NHSGGC recognises the importance of helping young people to make an informed choice about the possible NHS careers and the pathways open to them. We are committed to supporting the transition from school into higher or further education, and employment, and offer placements to pupils in the senior phase of school to support this.

In order to access a placement within NHSGGC (even if you have identified a host department by yourself) pupils must complete the work placement application form.

Please check the published list of programmes before submitting a request for us to source a placement for you. 

We will work to identify a placement for you within 8 weeks of receiving your request and will let you know as soon as we have identified a suitable placement, or if we are unable to accommodate your request. It is important to note that we aren’t always able to accommodate week long placements in some of our services and there are times when we have to limit the offer to a day or two. There may also be times when we cannot accommodate the exact dates requested.

If you have any enquiries in relation to your request please contact us at email:

Thinking of studying Medicine?

Read what the Medical Schools Council advises on the type of work experience needed to support your application to study Medicine. You should also visit the entry requirement pages of the university you wish to apply to for detailed information about the application process.

As you are aware we have been unable to run our usual hospital based Get Ready for Medicine Programme as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes senior phase school pupils and those planning to apply via access programmes and post-graduate entry schemes. However, we have been working to come up with alternative support activity for individuals considering medical school applications.


NHSGGC is a member of the Medicine Outreach Glasgow Widening Access Initiative (MOGWAI) and we have been working with Medic Insight Glasgow, Dundee Widening Access to Medicine Student Society and the charity You Can be a Doctor to host events ahead of the medical school application deadline.

Details of these events are outlined below.

Live online lectures – UCAT and Application Support

Open to anyone interested whether they have previously attended work experience or a formal medical school application advice event or not.

Meet the Medics 

Live event allowing small group discussions with current doctors and medical students from around Scotland to gain an insight into the career.

Open to anyone about to apply for medical school this October and who has not previously attended a work experience placement or a formal medical school application advice event (such as Get Ready for Medicine, Medic Insight or the REACH lecture week).

Registration for these events is now live.

We also work in partnership with Medic Insight Glasgow. The programme, run by medical students from the University of Glasgow, offers a broad range of support to senior phase school pupils who are interested in becoming doctors. Click here to visit the Medic Insight website.

Adult Work Experience

Adult work experience placements can provide individuals with the opportunity to observe and sometimes participate, under supervision, in the workplace. At this time applicants are required to source placements by themselves i.e. we do not match applicants to host supervisors. A request for this type of placement should be made directly to the department of interest who will negotiate the content and length of the placement. Once the placement has been agreed with the applicant the host department will contact the Learning & Education team to confirm the arrangements.


Please note that volunteering is not considered to be a work experience opportunity. We have a significant number of volunteers in a range of role supportive roles. The NHSGGC volunteer programme is for those who wish to contribute to the wider community by giving their skills, talents and time to support the NHS and we seek people with such motivation. Full details on the range of our volunteering opportunities can be found here. 

All volunteers are expected to participate in a recruitment/selection process and 2 character references are required. Disclosure clearance and Occupational Health screening.

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