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Moving and Handling Training

Moving and handling education within NHSGGC is divided into two parts. Induction courses for employees who are new to NHSGGC who do not have the Scottish Manual Handling Passport and update education.

The requirement (if any) for an update for staff undertaking higher risk manual handling activities, is identified through competency assessment. 

Competency Assessment

Induction courses remain the same, however, rather than providing refresher training for everybody irrespective of need, a process of assessment is used to identify where additional support may be required.

An overview of the approach and how it relates to the Acute Services and for Partnerships is provided.


Nominations for all NHSGGC Moving and Handling courses to be made through eESS.  

Note: If a manager is booking on a new start with no Payroll or eESS numbers, please forward your booking request to where Admin Staff will be pleased to help you 


Attendance will be recorded on eESS. In addition, each Local Manager has a duty to keep a record of who has attended training. To assist with this, if a delegate does not attend, the nominating person will be contacted within 24 hours to inform them of the non-attendance. 


Induction for all patient handling staff new to NHSGGC (0.5 online / 1.5 day practical)

Staff should have completed Manual Handling Theory on Learnpro prior to attending the practical course.

Staff should have evidence of completion of Manual Handling Theory module when attending practical course.

Competency Assessors course for patient handling staff

Staff who complete a one day competency assessor course will be able to carry out moving and handling assessments within ward / department.

Competency Assessors update for patient handling staff

Staff who have previously attended a one day course and require an update can attend a half day session, book through eESS.

Onsite training

Please request onsite training through local moving and handling teams, contact via M & H email.

Load Handling Induction / Load Handling Competency Assessors courses

Please request through local moving and handling teams, contact via M & H email.

For any further information please contact Moving and Handling inbox