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Incident (Accident) Reporting

The reporting of accidents and incidents within NHSGGC will enable the safety performance of the organisation to be monitored and allow statistics relative to the accidents and incidents occurring to be compiled. These statistics will provide information about the hazards that employees, patients, visitors and others encounter on Division premises and ensure that suitable precautions can be taken to minimise these hazards and prevent a recurrence of an incident that has already caused or could potentially cause injury.

The incident report is a primary tool for collecting data about an incident, analysing the data, and translating the information into a strategy for change.

Datix is the software used by NHSGGC for clinical and non-clinical incident reporting (and managing complaints and legal claims) and forms part of the Risk Management Strategy. It is a web-based application that allows any staff member with access to Staffnet to report an incident

All Incidents (Clinical and non-Clinical) within your Directorate should now be reported though the Datix System, rather than using paper forms. For further information please use the link below.

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