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Promoting a Positive Workplace Culture

Promoting a work environment free from Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment and tackling attitudes and behaviours underpinning this will help promote a positive workplace culture. This leads to increased productivity, better employee morale and the ability to keep skilled workers.

There are a number of links to related policies and guidance to help managers and staff support a positive workplace culture, which can be found below.

Dignity at Work

The Dignity and Work Policy promotes actions that will help develop and maintain a more positive workplace culture. The purpose is to achieve a culture where showing dignity and respect is the norm and members of staff feel comfortable and confident to deal with disrespectful behaviour on a one to one basis if it occurs.

Secondly, the policy provides a new avenue for staff if they wish to raise concerns about disrespectful behaviour and formalises the obligation that a line manager must listen to these concerns and take appropriate local action. The policy defines disrespectful behaviour separately from more serious allegations of bullying and harassment and therefore allows such issues to be dealt with in a more appropriate and immediate way.    

Lastly, the policy strengthens the mechanism for dealing with bullying, harassment and victimisation. All these terms are clearly defined in the policy to help guide people to the appropriate steps.

Creating and Maintaining a Positive Working Environment

What can I do to create and maintain a positive working environment?

  • Regular team meetings
  • Have 1:1 meetings with your staff.
  • Address Attitudes/Behaviours and Values
  • Demonstrate strong leadership (if you see bad behaviour, stamp it out there and then)
  • Set good examples
  • Understanding individual employees concerns and issues
  • Develop your staff e.g. ensure all your staff have regular appraisal and access to training opportunities
  • Promote Reward and Recognition
  • Promote Team working
What training opportunities are there to promote positive workplace culture?

There are a number of training programmes available to help you and your team