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Support and FAQs


What should I do if I don’t receive my username and password?

If you have not received this, please contact the eESS Support Team at

Your details will be resent to you so please ensure you have sufficient space in your mailbox to receive new emails. Please keep these details safe for future use.

How do I access eESS?

To access eESS, click here.

 Alternatively, access eESS via your ‘favourites’ menu on your Internet Explorer toolbar (just as you would access SSTS). Select favourites -> GGC Shortcuts -> Admin -> eESS

How do I access eESS if I do not have a GGC email account?

For those staff who don’t have e-mail accounts, there will be no immediate change for you – your manager will be able to assist with the transactions on your behalf as they currently do. Considerations are ongoing with regards to future access for all staff.  

For non NHS managers who manage NHS staff and will need access to eESS, this will be available in due course; however, we will provide further information on how the transactions will work to ensure that these are processed accordingly.

What do I do if I have forgotten my user ID or password?

Passwords on eESS are reset via a link sent by email. Click on the log-in assistance button on the log-in page and follow the instructions given. You can also have an email reminder of your user ID sent to you by following the link on the log-in page.

What is a Proxy User?

In line with local arrangements there may be requirements to setup Proxy Users across NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) for Manager Self Service. A proxy user is someone who will transact self-service functions on behalf of:

  • A line manager
  • Peer employees
  • Via self-service-based access.

Proxy for Manager Self Service must be specifically requested to and setup from the eESS Support Team. This Guidance Note outlines the process for doing this and details the governance rules associated with Proxy Users.

How can I set up a Proxy User?

If you want to nominate a Proxy User to input transactions on your behalf, please complete the form at the end of the Guidance Note and return this to

My annual leave entitlement is incorrect, how can this be amended?

If you’re annual leave entitlements is incorrect then please discuss this with your line manager who should arrange to update SSTS and then this will feed through to eESS.

Are New Start Engagement Forms still to be completed?

Yes, these should still be completed to engage a new start on to eESS and Payroll systems. Completed forms should be sent to eESS Support Team, HR&OD, 2nd Floor, West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital.

Are Notifications of Change and Termination still to be completed?

No, any changes or terminations should now be processed under manager self service.

Remember you can access step by steps guides and video tutorials through –

Previous service

The eESS Support Team is aware that some employee’s previous service is not recorded on eESS. A process is currently being developed for this to be accurately recorded. Employees can detail any previous NHS service through ‘Previous NHS/ Reckonable Service’ via Employee Self Service:

 For any employees who do not have access to eESS then their manager can record this on their behalf via Manager Self Service:

Hierarchy changes

If you notice that you have staff wrongly assigned to you please contact the eESS Support Team ( as soon as possible, confirming the correct line manager if known.

If you are contacting the eESS Support Team to advise that there are staff missing from your hierarchy then please confirm the employees name and payroll number. It has been noted by the eESS Support Team that for some employees there have been multiple manager changes, if this occurs we will notify the requesting manager of who the current manager is for them to discuss and agree who the employee should report to and then to confirm this to eESS Support Team for any changes to be made.

Terminations/assignment terminations

If a manager tries to terminate an employee who has more than one post they will receive an error message asking them to contact HR. Where an employee has more than one post the eESS Support Team will check whether the post being terminated is set as the primary role, and is so will change this and confirm to the manager once this has been completed.

In order for the manager to progress with a termination for an employee has more than one assignment they should follow the relevant Standard Operating Procedure:

Please note that for Terminating an assignment there is two steps to this process as detailed in the above Standard Operating Procedure. If only one of the steps is completed this will not progress to Payroll and thus the termination will not be actioned.

If an employee only has one post with NHSGGC then the Standard Operating Procedure for Terminations should be followed:

Internal transfer of staff

To change an employee to a different department the cost code needs to be updated in ‘Change Job and Terms’, above the department heading there is red bold text advising the user that the cost code also needs to be updated in ‘Change Cost Centre’ and it is detailed within the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). However, managers have only been updating either ‘Change Job and Terms’ or ‘Change Cost Centre’ rather than updating both. Please ensure that both ‘Change Job and Terms’ or ‘Change Cost Centre’ are updated which are separate functions under Manager Self Service.

If you are trying to complete a transaction to move an employee from one department to another or to change their banding and the ‘position’ field defaults to blank and you cannot choose any options it is likely that a new position requires to be created. This can be done by the eESS Support Team. Therefore, please contact the eESS Support Team providing the following information:

Cost code (if changing), job title, job family (i.e. nursing, admin etc) band (if changing) and location (if changing).

Once the new position has been set up the eESS Support Team will confirm the new details for the manager to enter the transaction on ‘Change Job and Terms’ via Manager Self Service.

Change job and terms: Use of temporary notes

A number of managers had advised that they had made changes on an employee’s eESS record, which their manager (Manager 2) had approved and therefore belief that an employee’s information has been changed and will be processed by Payroll. However, the ‘Temporary Change Notes’ does not form part of the Payroll Interface and therefore these notes are not received by Payroll. The only way to make a change on eESS that will progress to Payroll is to make amendments to the employee’s eESS record by following the appropriate Standard Operating Procedure.

Medical and dental

It was apparent that managers are unclear when completing transactions under Medical and Dental particularly relating to updating EPA details. As a result, NHSGGC had requested to the eESS National Team that the Standard Operating Procedure was revised and made more user friendly.

Therefore, a new Standard Operating Procedure has now been finalised which can be accessed via:

Fixed term contract extensions

If an employee’s fixed term contact is to be extended then please contact eESS Support Team ( for this to be updated on the employee’s record confirming the new date the contract is to be extended to. When you are contacted eESS Support Team please provide the employees name and eESS ID

Change of contractual status

If an employee’s contractual status is changing, i.e. from fixed term to permanent, then please contact eESS Support Team ( for this to be updated on the employee’s record confirming the date from this changing. When you are contacted eESS Support Team please provide the employees name and eESS ID.

How to delegate worklist notifications

If you are going on leave and want to nominate a colleague to manage transactions in your absence you can set this up in Vacation Rules on your home screen. This needs to be a colleague who reports directly to someone who is a Band 7 or above, in order to meet Standing Financial Instructions (SFI). For further information please refer to NHSGGC : Manager Self Service

If a manager is off sick, the eESS Support Team will need to temporarily amend the hierarchy in the manager’s absence. Once the manager has resumed to work, then the eESS Support Team can be contacted to change to remove the temporary hierarchy changes.

It is important to ensure that no transactions are actioned until the hierarchy has been temporarily changed. If an employee/ manager 1 has already submitted the change job terms /termination transaction above (so it is sitting with the manager 1 or 2 who is off sick) they will need to delete it from the system. The eESS Support Team will then amend the hierarchy and the employee/ manager 1 can re-submit the transaction.


Additional Help and Support

Help and support to various end users will come in a number of different forms:

1) email:

2) Manager Self Service LearnPro Module. Access LearnPro using the following link: LearnPro Login Page 

Login to LearnPro using your Username and Password, then search for “eEES” under the Specialist Subjects tab.