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Contacting the eESS Team

HR Self-Service Portal is launching on 6th June 2022 for the following areas who are part of Implementation Group 1:

  • Clyde Sector
  • Diagnostic Services
  • North Sector
  • Regional Services
  • Inverclyde HSCP
  • Glasgow City HSCP

Please note that from Monday 6th June 2022 the link and system will only be accessible to those in Implementation Group 1:

Please ensure that you add the link to your Favourites for easy access.

If your enquiry is urgent or you would prefer to talk to one of the eESS Support Team please contact us by telephone 0141 278 2700 option 5. The team are available between 10 am and 2 pm, Monday to Friday

Please note when calling eESS Team for the first time you may be required to provide some key details about who you are and where you work.

Your details will be stored in our system which means when you contact the eESS Team again these details will not need to be taken and a simple check will be done to ensure the details are still correct.

About eESS

eESS is a single, national NHS Scotland approach to HR systems that is intended to enable a high quality, standardised HR function. 

The system will hold an employee record for all employees of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.  This system will interface with Payroll and SSTS (Scottish Standard Time System) to provide real time workforce information and reports.  Key features of the system will include:

  • Employee Self Service – Employees can view their employment record, make changes to personal data e.g. address and request training.
  • Manager Self Service – Managers can approve requests and, via the system, put changes such as change of hours through to payroll. Managers will also be able to use manager self service for improved workforce record keeping and reporting.
  • Core HR
  • Employee Relations
  • Learning Management System (OLM)

Core can be considered as the centre of the new eESS system, acting as the control centre for HR Staff and Line Managers to capture workforce information in relation to employee personal records.

The Core Employee Record will capture:

  • Changes to Contract
  • Eligibility to Work
  • Essential workers
  • Exit Interviews
  • Mentorship for AHP & NMC
  • Occupational Health Passport
  • Other non-NHS employment
  • Previous NHS employment
  • Qualifications and registrations
  • Supplementary roles
  • Terms and Conditions

HR users will have access to run and generate standard and non-standard reports to support workforce monitoring and planning.

By allowing staff eESS access, it allows employees to view and update information, and ensure that HR and the Board holds accurate and the most up-to-date information.

Oracle Learning Management (OLM)

The Oracle Learning Management (OLM) component of eESS will enable improved access to and monitoring of all the activities associated with the learning and development of staff. This will include the administration of courses and the recording of learning undertaken by every employee, including e-Learning.

Courses can be linked to defined competencies, including national competence frameworks, so that current employee competencies and progress towards those competencies can be updated and monitored. 


Enables NHSGGC to manage all aspects of the delivery and maintenance of a learning service including the ability to access national courses which are centrally maintained.

OLM supports a blended approach to learning with NHSGGC able to offer a single point of access for all classroom courses and e-Learning across the Board through a unified catalogue.

Maintains information on:

  • Courses (any educational or development activity designed to enhance an employee’s competencies, qualifications or experience)
  • Classes (a single occurrence of a course on a particular date)

Resources (such as trainers, equipment or venues)

  • Employees can directly enrol to courses, subject to manager approval.

The LearnPro interface will automatically update learning records when an e-Learning course is completed.

Employee competencies can be associated with courses. Once a member of staff has completed the course, his or her employee record can be updated with the new competency automatically.

Monitoring of compliance with mandatory training. For example, a skill may require a refresher course every 12 months; OLM will enable you to report on those employees who are due for refresher learning.

A wide range of reports enables learning and development to be monitored at a local and national level.

Automatic system generated e-mail delivered to staff upon:

  • Enrolment (Joining Instructions)
  • Cancellation of Enrolment
  • Update of class details (e.g. time/date/venue).

Useful Information

Full access to all Standard Operating Procedures and e-Learning videos is available via: .

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

OBIEE is the integrated Reporting Tool that allows organisations to build and develop a range of reports and dashboards that meets statutory and local reporting requirements. It will support workforce planning and align to requirements for Staff Governance reporting and analysis.

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