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Pain Service

An introduction to the pain service

How can the pain service help

Chronic pain (pain that is long term or constantly recurring) is a long term condition and like other long term conditions it needs to be managed well. There is unfortunately no easy fix for chronic pain, just as there is no easy fix for other long term conditions such as diabetes or asthma. Like these conditions, chronic pain is best managed with a combination of medical treatments and things that you can do, for example changes to your routine or lifestyle. We know that pain can affect many areas of your life, and stop you doing the things that you want to do. We hope to help you get back to doing more of the things that are important to you, as this can be a helpful way of managing your pain in the longer term. For more information:

How is the service being delivered?

Many parts of the pain service are now being delivered remotely, by video or telephone. This includes outpatient services, as well as groups such as the pain management programme and patient education groups. Where it is absolutely necessary, patients will be seen face-to-face.

Video consultations will be carried out using the NHS Attend Anywhere platform. You can find out everything you need here:

We will also send more information with your appointment letter.

Reopening of the pain service

Phased reopening of the pain service is being carried out in line with current Scottish Government guidance.

Staff redeployment to support treating patients with Covid-19 has meant that we are unable to provide injection treatments at the moment, though we hope the pain theatre sessions will restart in the coming months.

Mindfulness resources 

The NHSGGC pain service offers mindfulness-based treatments to support self-management. You can find information on how mindfulness is used in the pain service, as well as audio recordings of short mindfulness practices here:

We have also developed a mindfulness app which contains more audio recordings of guided practices as well as links to online resources.

Contact Us

Outpatient services are run from the New Victoria, Stobhill and Inverclyde hospitals. The pain management programme is based at the Templeton Centre, by Glasgow Green. Contact details are listed below:

Glasgow Pain Management Programme

Call: 0141 277 7649

Building 3
2nd FloorTempleton Business Centre
62 Templeton Street
Glasgow G40 1DA

Inverclyde Royal Hospital

Call: 01475 633 777

Larkfield Rd
Greenock PA16 0XN

Stobhill Hospital

Call: 0141 355 1490 or 0141 355 1494

3rd Floor Admin Suite
133 Balornock Rd
Glasgow G21 3UW

New Victoria Hospital

Call: 0141 347 8005 or 0141 347 8006

Langside Rd
Glasgow G42 9TY

Further information

Websites and videos
  • A local pain management resource containing a host of patient information and resources, made by clinicians working in the NHSGGC Pain Service
  • A patient’s experience of the pain service: This short video (3 minutes) was kindly shared by a patient who attended the NHS Ayrshire & Arran pain service recently. It should hopefully give you an idea of the type of help you can expect from the pain clinic
  • Flippin’ Pain: An online resource co-created by people with persistent pain, healthcare professionals, pain scientists and communications experts. It aims to help you make sense of the science behind your pain, and put this knowledge into action
  • My Live Well With Pain: A collection of helpful videos and other resources designed to help you learn the skills you need to become an effective self-manager of your pain
  • Pain Concern: Is a Scottish charity providing advice and support to people with chronic pain
  • Pain Toolkit: A great self-management resource, developed by someone who has lived with chronic pain
  • NHS Inform: General health and self-management advice and resources from NHS Scotland 
  • Latest list of chronic pain self-management resources from NHS Inform.

Other resources
  • Fitting and using a TENS machine supplied by the pain clinic, this short video demonstrates setting up and using the TENS machine supplied to you by the NHSGGC pain clinic. More detailed instructions can be found in the manual supplied with the machine
  • General information on using TENS from the NHS UK website
  • Understand your pain: An in-depth and comprehensive talk by Professor Cormac Ryan, a rehabilitation specialist at Teeside University, summarising how pain works and how the pain system can change in long-term pain conditions
  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Chronic Pain MCN (Managed Care Network)
  • Coping with self-isolation: A useful guide produced by staff at the Scottish National Pain Management Programme in response to the current lockdown
  • FACE Covid: How To Respond Effectively To The Corona Crisis – animation by Dr Russ Harris, outlining a practical approach to dealing with the anxiety and fear that the Coronavirus crisis can bring
  • What is pain?: Leaflet download