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What is Orthotics?

Orthotists are registered healthcare professionals, who specialise in the assessment of the whole body for biomechanical problems and if appropriate may prescribe, measure, fit, or review, an Orthosis.

An Orthosis is an externally applied device. It may also be called a ‘brace’, or ‘splint’. Therapeutic footwear may also be used as an Orthosis.

The purpose and design of an Orthosis may change over time along with the changing needs of the patient.

In our Orthotic department, we also have Orthotic assistants who specialise in measuring/fitting and supplying hernia supports and specialist compression garments.

Different types of Orthotic Devices

Please see photographs below displaying different types of Orthotic devices that you may be prescribed by your Orthotist.

Orthotist showing a patient thier x-ray image
Orthotist fitting an Ankle Foot Orthosis to a patient
Different types of Ankle foot Orthosis or drop foot splint
Ankle Foot Orthosis with patients own shoe
Prescription Footwear
Orthotist showing a patient an insole
wrist and hand orthosis
Knee Orthosis
How we measure you for an Orthotic Device
orthotic measuring equipment
Orthotist scanning a patient for insoles
Orthotist scanning a patient for footwear

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