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Orthotics Near Me – Video Appointments

What is Near Me?

Near Me is a video consulting service that enables people to have health and social care appointments from home or wherever is convenient. All you need is a device for making video calls like a smartphone and an internet connection. Near Me is a secure form of video consulting approved for use by the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland.

How does Near Me work?

You will be provided with a website address and a link for the video clinic.  This information will be detailed in your appointment letter which will indicate a date and time when you should start your video call. You do not need to download an App or create an account, and you will never be asked for personal details such as passwords or pin numbers. The questions you will be asked will be exactly the same as if you were face to face in the clinic.

Near Me video consulting is not suitable for all consultations, for example,  if you need a physical examination or a procedure. Your health or social care provider can advise you on what is appropriate for you. A leaflet will also be included that gives you support to get set up and start your call.

Watch this video below for more information.

‘Orthotics Near Me’ Waiting Area 

NHS ‘Near Me’ Easy Read Guide for Patients