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Children and Young People

If you or your child live in Glasgow please click here for information on Children and Young People Orthotic Services at the Royal Hospital for Children.

If you live within the Clyde Area please see below for information on Children and Young People Orthotic Services.

How to make an appointment with Orthotics

All appointments should be booked or changed using the NHSGGC Referral Management Appointment Booking Centre

Contact number:  0800 592087

You ou can contact us Monday to Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm and on a Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm, excluding Public holidays.

We have Paediatric clinics at the following locations

Renfrew Health and Social Care Centre

10 Ferry Road



Orthotic clinics are on Tuesday mornings and Thursday all day at Renfrew Health and Social Care Centre.

Come in the main entrance and take the stairs or lift on the right to the first floor. Take a seat on the orange chairs and the Orthotist will call you and your child at their appointment time.

Vale of Leven Acorn Centre

Orthotic clinics are on Wednesday afternoons at the Acorn Centre.

Come in the Maternity Entrance the Acorn centre is on the first floor and well sign posted. Please check in with the receptionist and take a seat in the waiting area.

Inverclyde Royal Hospital Skylark Centre

Orthotic clinics are every second Wednesday AM at the Skylark centre.

Take the lifts to floor L. Turn Right into the children’s centre.  Please check in with the receptionist and take a seat in the waiting area.

Appointment Types

New assessment:

  1. If it is your child’s first time accessing the service.
  2. For a new Orthosis the same as they have received before.
  3. For a new Orthosis they have not had before even though they have been seen at Orthotics in the past.
  4. If their last appointment with us was longer than 12 weeks ago and you need to see an Orthotist again.

 Your child may need to bring shorts to the appointment to allow the Orthotist to do a full biomechanical assessment and allow for casting/scanning/measuring if required.

If you fail to attend any appointment without telling us in advance, or if you cancel at short notice (i.e.less than 24 hours) on more than two occasions, we will remove you from our list and write to your doctor. This is in line with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Did Not Attend and Cancellation Policy.

If you wish to cancel or reschedule any appointment please telephone 0800 592087 with as much notice as possible.

You ou can contact us Monday to Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm and on a Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm, excluding Public holidays.

Or you can email

Fitting appointment:

If your child has already been assessed for an Orthosis, the next appointment will be to have this fitted. They may need more than one fitting appointment.

This appointment will be arranged by the Orthotist before you leave your first appointment.

Review appointment:

The Orthotist may have already booked a review appointment for your child before you leave your fitting appointment if they feel they need to check on their progress with what they have given you. This can be in person or by telephone.

If they have no future appointment booked and are having problems with their Orthotic device within 12 weeks of seeing the Orthotist you can call us on 0800 592087 to arrange a review.

Please bring the Orthotic device to the appointment with you for review so we can see what the problem is. We won’t start any new treatment until we can check the problem with the old device.

If you miss a review appointment, no further appointments will be arranged unless requested by yourself.

For additional information and advice on child development and access to advice, strategies, and self-help support with information provided by all the different health care disciplines working within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Specialist Children’s Services please visit the kids site.