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About Visiting

We have a person centred approach to visiting. This means there are no set visiting times. We welcome and encourage parents, siblings and carers to be a part of their child’s care at any time. There may occasionally be clinical reasons that some visitors may need to be limited e.g. when a child is very vulnerable to infection. Please speak to ward staff about this if you are unsure. Ward 6a provides overnight accommodation in each the single rooms for one parent or carer. Please ask a member of staff if you require further information.

More About Person Centred Visiting

We understand the importance of encouraging and supporting people to stay connected to the people that matter most in their lives whilst they are in hospital.

In line with this, we are in the process of implementing Person Centred Visiting across our inpatient wards. Person Centred Visiting means that as far as we possibly can, we will work together with patients, family members and staff so our care is in line with the following core principles:

A pictograph showing the key aspects of patient centred visiting, which are Welcoming, Patient Led, Partnership, Flexibility and Respect.

To find out more, go to our Person Centred Visiting page.

What Matters To You?

We are committed to delivering care that is centred around what is important to every child.

During any inpatient stay we will ask about what matters to that child and what is important from their perspective. We encourage parents or carers to answer this on behalf of babies and very young children. For slightly older children and young people we will invite them to draw or write on the ‘What Matters To Me” board.

Again, parents can support their child with this and members of our Play Team will also support patients with this. This information will allow every member of the team caring for you or your child to understand what is important to you and ensure that this helps us all ensure your needs are truly at the centre of the care we provide.


We aim to provide you with excellent care throughout your time in hospital. If there are any aspects of your care that you are unhappy with please speak with the Nurse in Charge in the first instance who will try to address any immediate concerns at that time.

We are committed to continually improving the services we deliver. We invite all our patients and families to get in touch and let us know how we are doing and what suggestions they have for improvement. Recently our patients and families told us how challenging it was to be cared for on Ward 6A without a dedicated space for parents or a play room for children. In response to this we have been able to reassign and refurbish some of the space in this temporary ward and now have both a Play Room and a Parent’s Room.

The following are ways that you can leave feedback at any time either during your stay or after you return home:

We are very grateful for the feedback we receive as it helps us know when we are doing things right, but also when we can make improvements.  Here are just some of the comments we’ve recently received…

6A 4B
"It is impossible to put our gratitude into words."
6A 4B
"Thank you all so much for the care and
love you have shown."
6A 4B
"To do the job you do with a smile on your face takes a very special person."
6A 4B
"Thank you. What a team you are!"
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(Content first published in January 2020)