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Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are

The team has been in existence for 18 years, with various staff all working only part time in the clinic.  We hold weekly clinics – currently mainly via attend anywhere. Seven year ago we were shortlisted for the BMJ child health team of the year.

The current team:

  • Consultant paediatrician (Charlotte Wright)
  • Clinical psychologist (Emily Fraser)
  • Paediatric dietitian (Jen Bain)
  • Assistant psychologist (Collette Moore)
  • Specialist paediatric registrars

We also work with speech therapists, other dieticians and members of other specialist teams and are helped immensely by admin support.

What We Do

Dietary and Nutritional Assessments

This lets us see exactly what happens during a mealtime, your child’s behaviour, your behaviour, the setting etc.

We can then make specific recommendations for you and your child. We only usually do this once child is eating some solid food.

Work in Our Kitchen

Our psychology assistant will meet with some families for one to one appointments in the special dining-kitchen area in the hospital, where she can set up activities such as tasting and messy play.  

We also sometimes run our clinic in the kitchen.   For these clinics we ask families to bring along some favourite foods and a hungry child. We can then also offer a range of other suitable foods to try. This gives us a chance to eat with the child and hopefully see them eating.