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NHS Centre for Integrative Care

The Centre, on the Gartnavel Hospitals site, offers people with long term conditions a wide range of opportunities to enhance their health and quality of life. Most patients referred to the Centre are experiencing chronic pain, chronic low energy, and/or chronic low mood or anxiety. However, any patient with a long term condition may benefit from the care provided here.

What is integrative care?

Integrative is a term which refers to increasing the harmony and coherence of your whole being. Integrative care is therefore focused on the person, not on either the disease or a particular therapy. The intention with integrative care is to promote and enhance wellbeing, resilience, and the realisation of an individual’s potential capacities for self-care, self-regulation and self-healing.

  • ‘Integrative medicine is healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasises the therapeutic relationship, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.’ Dr Andrew Weil Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Integrative Medicine, “is the practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, and makes good use of all therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing.” (as defined by the American Board of Integrative Medicine and the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine)

The Centre for Integrative Care practices a unique form of Integrative Medicine, which is healing-oriented, whole person-centred integrative care, which respects individual autonomy, whilst offering appropriate support, and incorporates extensive skills and experience of practitioner, evolving in innovative ways to meet the challenges of complex multi-morbidity and long-term conditions in the varied population it serves. The service is recognised as a centre of excellence in person-centred care and award winning, including the prestigious ALLIANCE Best Self Management Resource in 2016.

What can I expect if I am referred?

All patients are seen in an Outpatient Clinic by either a doctor or an advanced specialist nurse practitioner who will seek to achieve a comprehensive, holistic understanding of your illness, its context in your life. We think the relationship between the patient and their health care practitioner is a crucially important part of their care so we will establish a therapeutic alliance with you based on trust, non-judgemental listening and empathy.

Health care is a relationship, not an event, so you can expect continuity of care. Although we have a multidisciplinary team and we will create an individualised care plan for you, the practitioner you see initially will be your main carer throughout.

What might be involved in an individualised integrative care plan?

Integrative care involves

  • a co-ordinated mix of health and wellness coaching,
  • advice and information,
  • the teaching of health-making practices and techniques,
  • and the delivery of specific non-drug, non-surgical therapeutic interventions which are intended to facilitate greater vitality, resilience and growth in the person who presents with the illness.

In addition to one-to-one consultations, there are groups and classes to teach a holistic understanding of health and to enable individuals to increase their self-compassion and their ability to self-manage their condition. There is also a Holistic Day Service which is a four day programme delivered by a multi-disciplinary team.

Interventions offered include Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Heartmath, Counselling, Art and Music Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Therapeutic Massage, and complementary therapies such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Mistletoe Therapy. Relaxation, Stress Management, Yoga and Tai Chi may be included in the some of the group programmes we offer. You can find out more in Groups and Classes and Therapies.


The NHS Centre for Integrative Care accepts referrals from all health care professionals in exactly the same way as all other hospitals and clinics. Normally your GP will refer you, but you may also seek a referral from another hospital specialist, a specialist nurse, or specialist physiotherapist.

The service is recognised as a centre of excellence in person-centred care and award-winning, locally and nationally, including the prestigious ALLIANCE Best Self Management Resource in 2016 and Scottish Health Award 2017 in Healthier Lifestyle Category.

The team were also finalists in the Care for Long Term Illness category of the Scottish Health Awards in 2016 and 2017, and have received many other nominations and awards, including finalist for Inspiring City 2018 awards in Carer(s) category, and Community Champions awards. The Centre for Integrative Care Nursing team were finalists for the 2018 Nursing Times Awards in the Managing Long-Term Conditions category with their Holistic Day Service model supporting self-management.

More Information

Day Service

The Holistic Day Service offers small groups of patients, (who have been previously assessed at an Integrative Care consultation in the out-patient clinic), the opportunity to take part in an innovative and specially-adapted evolving programme, in a trauma-aware and beautiful, supportive therapeutic healing environment. This includes clinical nurse specialist-led education classes, such as group work including gentle body and stress awareness classes, illness management classes, individual therapy sessions, facilitated peer support, 1:1 support, as appropriate. The aim is to help the person:

  •  find new ways of coping
  •  make positive changes in your life
  •  leave with skills you can continue to use at home
  •  move towards a better quality of life and increased well-being
  •  have a sense of greater coherence and integration (feel more ‘connected’ to yourself)

The 3 day programme runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9.45am – 4.00pm with a follow-on session a few weeks later.

Groups and Classes

There are a number of groups and/or classes delivered and facilitated at the Centre for Integrative Care and it may be appropriate as part of the overall pathway for an individual to take part in one or more of these. Referral is by the clinician who does the Integrative Care assessment and sees the patient in the out-patient clinics.

Healing Steps Integrative Course

There is innate healing capacity within each individual. Recognising and keying into this is a main aim of this course, as well as central to everything that takes place at Centre for Integrative Care.

This interactive, person-centred course is intended to help develop interest and insights in health and well-being and self-care, and to encourage different strategies that may optimise self-management and enhance life and healing. It is appropriate for those with long-term conditions who are curious and open to exploring aspects of health from a wider perspective.

Themes of the groups are developed in 2 and a half hour sessions (including half an hour break) weekly over 4 weeks: ‘Health and Well-being’, ‘Food as Medicine’, ‘Rhythms and Connection’ and ‘Feeling Well’. There is a further follow-up session ‘Review and Reflect’, usually six weeks later.

Discussion and peer support is facilitated and there is an opportunity to develop self-care and self-management strategies, practice some relaxation and breathing skills, and look at how long term ill health has affected you and how your healing capacities may be cultivated and enhanced, in a friendly and supportive environment.’

Moving into Balance

Moving into Balance is a six-week programme delivered by Senior Physiotherapists.

The programme is based on the evidence based models of care for managing long standing health difficulties and is aimed at helping people find new ways to:

  •  Reconnect with the principles of self care
  •  Balance their energy so as to better cope with pain or fatigue
  •  Begin to rebuild stamina and regain physical confidence
  •  Reduce the impact of stress on their physical health

Each week participants will learn gentle and safe stretches to help maintain flexibility, strength and balance. As well as offering simple information on pacing, sleep management, the physical impact of stress, and how to exercise safely, there will be opportunities to experience breath work, and relaxation training. The course is supported by a range of audio materials.

Although each class lasts for 2 hours, the programme is suitable for people of all levels of physical ability and a range of health issues.


The NHS Centre for Integrative Care accepts referrals from all health care professionals in exactly the same way as all other hospitals and clinics.

Normally your GP will refer you, but you may also seek a referral from another hospital specialist, a specialist nurse, or specialist physiotherapist. All patients are offered an appointment within nine weeks of the referral letter being received.

NHS Centre for Integrative Care History
Mindful Meditation Practices
Friends of the Centre

Friends of the NHS Centre for Integrative Care is a charity supporting the UK’s only purpose-built NHS facility offering person-centred holistic care for improved health and wellbeing. We’re focused on raising the visibility of the award-winning NHS Centre and ensuring people have access to its services through the NHS.

We do this by educating the public and health practitioners on the merits of Integrative Care; helping patients get referred to the NHS Centre; and voicing patient needs, whether that’s to their local MSPs or to third-sector and government bodies involved in a dialogue for safer, more affordable and more sustainable health and social care. Friends is a long-standing member of The ALLIANCE for Health and Social Care, and our members are actively involved in a variety of other patient-focused and wellbeing organisations and endeavours.

Our volunteer-led charity, founded in 1995, offers a variety of activities including online classes, “Zoom Cafe” get-togethers, and a newsletter featuring patient stories and spotlights on NHS Centre staff. Membership is open to all, and affords further opportunities to connect and experience the complementary and alternative therapies practised at the hospital. These include face-to-face talks, discussion groups, classes, and social events. Individuals and organisations can join here and are welcome to serve on committees to support our mission.

Learn more at, or contact us at or 07532 619 335.