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Dykebar Hospital is located on the outskirts of Paisley. It is the main inpatient facility for treatment for mental health within Renfrewshire and also has another Adult Mental health based Ward in Leverndale hospital, Ward 3B.

The hospital provides acute and continuing care in-patient services for adults aged 16-65 years of age who suffer mental health problems. It also provides similar inpatient services for the elderly mentally ill.

In addition there are outpatient clinics for psychiatry and psychology. There is a day service provision for alcohol problems. The hospital site provides various corporate services.

Further in-patient services for mental health are located within the Royal Alexandra Hospital for both adult and elderly including a day hospital facility for the elderly.

The Adult Community Mental Health Teams are currently located within the Charleston Centre in Paisley and Mile End Mill in Paisley. The Elderly community team is located within Ward 38 Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Getting Here


To maintain the safety of patients, visitors and staff, visiting still needs to be carefully managed. You can find current information and guidance on the Patients, Hospital Appointments and Visiting page or contact the ward or unit directly to discuss visiting arrangements.

Further Information

Adult Mental Health Acute Services

South Ward: 0141 314 4070

Ward 3B Leverndale: 0141 211 6586

Adult Mental Health Continuing Care

Arran & Bute Ward: 0141 314 4066

Alcohol Problems Clinic

Call: 0141 314 4106

Community Mental Health Team

Call: 0141 618 5600

Location: Based in the Charleston Centre, Neilston Road, Paisley

Community Mental Health Team – West Renfrewshire

Call: 0141 849 2200

Continuing Care for Elderly Mentally III

North Ward: 0141 314 4050

East Ward: 0141 314 4060

Outpatient Departments

Call reception: 0141 314 4281


Call: 0141 314 5058

Quit Your Way

Call: 0141 211 6564

Spiritual Care – Chaplaincy

Call: 0141 314 7365 or 0141 452 3220