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Our Planet

Environmental Management System

NHSGGC is the largest NHS Board in Scotland and much of our work is in partnership with local authorities which means that our impact and influence is even greater and goes beyond our healthcare sites. We have various legal duties to ensure that we operate in the most environmentally compliant manner possible. Not only does patient care remain paramount, but we also have to ensure that we utilise our resources and operate in a more sustainable manner. As energy costs rise and raw materials dwindle, we have to become more efficient in order to continue to provide excellent patient care.

An Environmental Management System refers to the management of an organisations environmental impact and provide an organisational structure to planning, developing, implementing and monitoring policies for environmental protection.

The NHS Scotland Environmental Management System requires NHSGGC to develop processes and procedures, maintain compliance and report on all changes in legislation and risks via the Sustainability Planning Implementation Group (SPiG), which is the Boards Corporate Governance steering Group. This will ensure NHSGGC continues to reduce its environmental impacts across the organisations and in the services we provide.